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Friday, September 26, 2014

Flight steward on medical leave spree

Whenever Steward Ali did not feel like going on his flight he would resort to taking medical leave or as we call it MCs. He would usually take MCs on the unpopular turnaround flights. Ali did it so frequently that management became suspicious.

One fine day, a management staff called the clinic and enquired about the frequent issuance of MCs to Ali. The clinic staff and the doctors were surprised as there was not record of them issuing MCs to Ali except one. An investigation was launched and before long, they found that Ali's MCs were all from an MC booklet that was found missing a while ago.

Ali was hauled up to face the management. Ali confessed he had stolen the MC booklet from the clinic. Ali begged management not to report the matter to the police but would accept a firing from the airline.

The above was a true story.


Anonymous said...

that is why one shouldnt lie, the truth will be revealed eventually.

Boh Tong said...

That's a good policy.