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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

From a budget airline steward to SIA .......

He (Tom) worked as a steward with a budget airline. Tom wanted to work for SIA but was not successful at the interviews. He told me it was tough working for the budget airline. When I asked him why, he said that he often got humiliated and abused by his passengers because they were unhappy that he had to charge them for almost everything they wanted.
On low cost carriers, passengers have to pay for their meals,drinks (even water),blankets etc.  There are no freebies like with regular airlines.

After listening to Tom, I asked him to attend one of my Talks which I would usually conduct before the SIA's cabin crew interview in Singapore. Tom did what I told him.

Immediately after attending my Talks, Tom went for the interview at Sheraton Tower in Singapore. He performed brilliantly at the interview and was recruited as a flight steward. Tom is now flying with SIA and the following is a testimonial from him:

Mr. Tan,

I PASSED the SIA Cabin Crew interviews which I had attended on in April. I attended your Valuable Talks and Wow! I GOT THROUGH all the rounds!
You are such a Miracle, who has fulfilled my dreams and also other hopefuls who had attended your Talks! Now I am waiting for my medical clearance and also the call from SIA to start on my training dates. Hopefully all goes well.
To all Cabin Crew hopefuls out there, I Strongly Urge you guys to attend Mr. Tan's Talks. U will Enjoy the session and will also achieve your Dreams.
Never Give Up! I got the job after 5 attempts! That is after attending Mr. Tan's Talks! :))
Mr. Tan, God Bless You and Your Family! Thanks for being such a Wonderful Person! We will keep in touch! :))


Anonymous said...

People who need to attend talks or classes just to be a waiter/ess are definitely losers and don't deserve to be in the airline.
I had never ever attended a single talk or go back STC during promotion exercises or go back attend courses.
Yet, I cleared every hurdle from being a steward all the way to IFS. All 1 shot, 1 kill.

Anonymous said...

Don't just say. Prove your credentials, Mr 1 shot,1 kill leh!

Anonymous said...

Mr 1 shot,1 kill ---MY arse! Boaster Cock!

Anonymous said...

All types of people la ! some sell koyot Some how-lian Some por LP Some
are just quiet !

Anonymous said...

Uds lol.