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Monday, September 1, 2014

Good Morning Monday (1 Sep 2014)

Wake up it's time to go to work! It's 7 am now.The weekend is over and it will be a long wait for TGIF. Saturday and Sunday will be ages away...haha.

A bright beautiful Monday morning view from my apartment.

Uncle here will have lesser and smaller crowd to contend with when having breakfast in a little while at a coffee shop nearby. Yup uncle will only visit the eatery after 9 am because there will still be foreign workers and office workers "tar powing" or eating their breakfast. After that time, the place will be quieter and there will be no queue for kopi and breakfast.....Set A breakfast please, I will shout my order in Hokkien to the kopi aunty as I approach the place.
Set A breakfast comprises of 2 soft cooked eggs, 2 slices of toasts and a nice hot cup of kopi O "ti lok" (local version of coffee espresso) for $2.70.

Another 10 minutes walk is Toast Box, a slightly upmarket cafe that sells the same breakfast at double the price. The kopi and the toast taste much better over here. But I am too lazy to walk that "far".
A 10 minute drive away is the wet market where you will have more variety of food. The wet market is closed today but the food centre is opened everyday.  I will kiv the place for a late lunch later.

In the evening, I will a little busier doing some part time job, just for 3 hours only. Yes, 3 evenings in a row I will be having this assignment. The money I am earning is good for a retiree . I am glad I do not have to drive a cab or be a security guard like some of ex crew. I am not belittling those who drive cabs or doing some other jobs cos there is nothing wrong with that. It's just that the hours are long and tedious and being an old man I am not accustom to it.

I am grateful to the Almighty One who is always kind to me. The bible says He is my Provider and I simply believe what He tells me...have FAITH man for all things are possible to them that believe in GOD's word!...hahaha....thank you LORD!

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