Tuesday, September 2, 2014

IFS is down with cancer

It is not a pleasant thing to report this in the morning but this one has urgency. IFS D. Ong is warded at the SGH for advance stage of cancer. I am told not to reveal his full name here as this is a public blog. However, as a cabin crew and if you are interested in finding out who he is you may get your information from your ward leader and visit him.

Please pray for him and hope he will get well.

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Anonymous said...

Once I visited a senior crew who was warded for colorectal cancer.

I wanted to give him my support as I was once also in hospital and it can get very depressing.

When I visited him he was not the least happy with my presence. He asked why I was there. I offered him my best wishes and I left... totally upset and disappointed at his reaction.

Sometimes, people who are ill may not want anyone to see them, except people who are closest to them.

Till this day, the senior crew is still flying with lots of extensions.. in life & employment. But I think he has forgotten about my visit... maybe he was not that ill after all.

Cabin crew news must be assessed with great care.