Friday, September 5, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Cabin Crew

Following years of massive losses due to fierce competition and high fuel prices as well as the recent 2 tragedies, MAS or Malaysia Airlines is to undergo restructuring by the Malaysian Government.
6,000 jobs will be cut but I understand cabin crew will not be affected. Since the 2 tragedies this year, 200 cabin crew have resigned and with a restructured MAS, the airlines will still be short of cabin crew.
MAS cabin crew has been ranked as one of the world's best by Skytrax. The cabin crew are well trained and disciplined like its counterpart in SIA. After all, MSA cabin crew (Malaysia S'pore Airlines, predecessor of MAS & SIA)was made up of Singaporeans and Malaysians. It has the world's best cabin crew back in the 1960s and early 1970s before its breakup in October 1972.

We wish the restructured MAS all the best in its future endeavours.


Anonymous said...

The 200 crew members who resigned may have made the right move and are most likely to search for other jobs. Do not see any hope left for MH. With each passing day, reports of almost empty fights continue to hog the news, with millions lost everyday.

Anonymous said...

The 200 cc can join SIA. They will be welcomed as they can give SIA cabin service a boost.

Anonymous said...

Book a flight to AMS in late OCT... really cheap $1K.. ++ nice time too... autumn, cool and raw herring.. yum! yum! and peanut butter!!

Get 4 seats to yourself and talk cock with the crew.

Anonymous said...

Bo liao. Must go AMS for the peanut butter er. Must be with yellow cap er.

Anonymous said...

5 reasons to go to AMS

1. Raw herring with onions
2. Albert Cruyp st ( market )
3. Cafe de Klos for steaks & ribs
4. Peanut butter at Albert Heijn
5. Smoke a ganja for that 70s feel

for the arty farties...

1. The Vincent Van Go art museum
2. The Rijk museum
3. The Rembrandt house
4. The street exhibitions
5. Night life with gays