Sunday, September 21, 2014

Singapore Airlines serves the best meal

The food on SQ 655 was so good that I ate everything up except the cutlery, cups and other inedible stuff ( no,no I didn't "souvenired" the cutlery although it was tempting cos they were uniquely beautiful".


A pax said...

BT i agree with you the food on sia is top quality. Bon appetit.

Anonymous said...

Bread roll not wrapped individually?
Looks like cut cost or caterer has lowered standard.

CX ex KIX gives bread rolls in Y individually wrapped and their melanine ware is much prettier...small bowls are coloured differently on each tray.

Delta on the TYO sector also has Y class that has individually wrapped bread.

You should fly on other airlines to compare & contrast .. then make an informed opinion.

SQ standards slipping as they are not innovative enough... too focused on costs. They can control costs yet have a great set of equipment.
But what to do?.. they are so frumpy with design... no flair at all.

Lian said...

Bread rolls that are wrapped cannot be heated. I would rather prefer a warm soft roll served from a breadbasket by the crew.

Anonymous said...

BT arranges tray neatly before collection. Best kind of pax :)

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
BT arranges tray neatly before collection. Best kind of pax :)

BT: Thanks for your kind comment :-)
A cabin crew will always be a cabin crew..kind and considerate.

Lian said...

Hi BT, this is so true! A cabin crew is always a cabin crew. I always do that when I'm travelling. On all airlines, I arrange everything nicely for easy stowage, even placing the plastic footed cup flat! In return, I always received appreciative smile from the crew.