Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Was the Thai steward verbally abused?

We bumped into each other at a shopping mall. This was about a week ago. This stewardess recognised me as she was from my ward while I was with the airline. Let's call her May (not her real name).
May was visibly excited to have bumped into me. " Have you heard of a Thai steward who wanted to sue a chief stewardess because of some uncalled-for remarks she made about his ethnicity?", May asked me. My reply was in the negative as I was rather surprised that there are Thai stewards being employed. Perhaps May was right because I have heard of stewards from Hong Kong as well as from Japan.

The story went like this: The steward was a law trained student. He complained to the company and filed a suit against the chief stewardess. On hearing this, cabin crew management tried to persuade the steward to withdraw the suit. They paid him an agreed sum of compensation and promised not to renew the chief stewardess's contract.
The steward has since resigned from the airline, May told me.

I've tried to verify the above story but to no avail. Meanwhile, take the whole thing as just a gossip until I can get confirmation.


A crew WhatsApp me this after reading the above post:

" FS was Malaysian bt Thai mom. Css D mock & tol him to eat his mom Fried Thai Rice.
She aso call hm stupid! Css was a notorios. Coy still extd her contrct. Tis hapen abt 2 yrs
ago. Yup FS resigned. Still tis typ of news is not stale & worth blogging haha"


hitler said...

In the earlier days, keeping a moustache required permission from the cabin crew manager.

But as time went by, that rule was removed and some crew grew moustaches.

One day, at FOB ( flight operations building ) a FS held the lift doors open to allow limping hairy and his entourage of office secretaries & clerks into the lift.

Limping hairy did not say thank you but he did notice the FS's moustache and commented:

" You call that a moustache? looks like my daughter's tooth brush."

On hearing hairy's comment, his entourage laughed and giggled.
The FS felt so embarrassed and he wished hairy would die.

This sort of mindset exists in crew division for decades and still does.
The feeling of superiority and authority.

They are never wrong.
They are never apologetic
They are not the least humble

Yet, they are managers, leaders, key personnel of crew division.

We can only pray for their early demise.

Anonymous said...

what about that Frog-eye chap ? He used to make fun of those who "Ang-Kart" and do unofficial office duties. But the BIGGEST hypocrite is still leaping around ? Pray harder man !

Harry said...

Hitler you are a bad boy (perhaps by now not a boy but grand father) who not only seems not to forget but one who does not even forgive. You will die before limping hairy does because the incident pains you a lot.

Anonymous said...

Must be member of IS.. death is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

"Sad 2 See" all these "hairy" stuff still floating around ?

Anonymous said...

these old farts must hv been zapped before when they were young so they try to do the reverse now. its a psychological thing.

only a few nice ones who hv been zapped before wld know not to do it on the juniors cos they hv been thru it before.