Tuesday, September 2, 2014

You may or may not have heard of this joke before

Passenger to Stewardess: Hello Miss, just want to ask you  who and where is this Kevin Khoo ah? He seem to be a very busy man. Everyone is looking for him….

Stewardess: eh eh.. Sorry, Kevin Khoo?? Not sure what you mean sir..

Passenger: You know Kevin Khoo..even the Captain is always looking for him..Kevin Khoo please be seated for take off….Kevin Khoo please return to your station…Kevin Khoo please disarm all doors…..Kevin Khoo please be seated for landing…..aiyo! he’s so busy la….why you all never help him huh ??

Stewardess: Sir, there are 12 of us Kevin Khoos on this flight….and it’s cabin crew …not Kevin Khoo!


Anonymous said...

That's really funny!

Anonymous said...

Capt can't pronounce properly