Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A comment from a visitor re: crew driving at overseas during night stops

Me & my hubby joined a local tour group to Italy, we were onboard flight SQ366 to Rome, while waiting for the toilet at the rear of the aircraft, one leading stewardess started chatting with me, asking me why I bother to join a local tour group, traveling with Singaporean, the experiencce is not "Funtatstic", should go self drive or F&E, as both of us are teaching in the school, we simply have not time in co-ordinating those hotel booking and planning tour itineraries, so we leave it to the professional.
Then the LSS told me that, they are spending 5 nights in Rome, so they will be renting a car to tour to Pisa & Florence etc, well she sound to me that they knows Italy at their back of their hands.
So while both of us in Pisa, we did bump into that LSS and few of their colleagues, but the journey from Rome to Pisa is approximately about 400km, as we were on a luxury coach with 45 seaters, sitting for about 5 hrs, we already feeling tired when we get there, don't talk about driving for such a long journey, guess what? I spoken to that LSS again, and she claimed that, after the Pisa visit, they are traveling to a small town known as Monte Vecchia to purchase Prada bags at the outlet.
I can imaging with this sort of driving, where local are not used to driving long distance, accident may easily take place, when the drive doze off, wonder, why all these SQ cabin crew must travel to somewhere when they are in a foreign land, is that the typical SQ culture?


Anonymous said...

If not for the opportunity to sightsee then what is the point of becoming a crew?

Anonymous said...

After graduated from NUS, I responded to the cabin crew recruitment ads, was lucky enough to be short listed after a first attempt, told my parents that I wanted to see the world while I am still young.
After 6 months of flying, I have the intention of quitting the job, turnaround flight is non avoidable, standby got call up for Bali, Manila, Hong Kong turn, been to Hong Kong at least 20 times, but never get to have a layover for a night, as a junior stewardess, we could only get to layover in Hong Kong if you get a SQ2/1 flight, out of the 17 crews rostered for the flight, 4 crews will be PRC crew, so often we are been plucked for their replacement.
Paris was my dream, never been there as a crew until I tender my resignation & requested for one, so as a flight stewardess, please do not have the mind set that you could see the world when you started flying, honestly is not very truth.

Anonymous said...

ahhh, but if you cosy up with the right people... many doors open up!

Meteoric career movements.

See the elites sitting at STC?
How did they get there?
by being docile and nice?

Anonymous said...

They got there by carrying their bosses' balls la. Don't believe me? please ask Boh Tong.

Anonymous said...

Who are the so called elites? CCE & A/M are elite huh? Executives and managers are small fries in corporate world but to the waiters, even a small chief waiter is like some big shot liao.

not circle but square said...

When you are immune to DI/CI and have a job for life like iron rice bowl you are an elite... even better than PAP.. cannot be voted out.Ha! ha!

Even among elite there is inner circle & outer circle. Guess who are the ones in the inner circle?