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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A temptation that's hard to resist

Jean was wearing an unbelievably low and tight blouse that pushed up and exposed her big boobs when she entered my hotel room. She had the most sensual lips I've ever seen in a stewardess.I was stunned beyond words. My first reaction as a hot blooded young man was to grab Jean and kiss her.
I resisted the urge, knowing very well I might get into trouble if I was wrong to think she was there to have an affair or a one night stand with me.

This is a danger that faces many a male crew even to these days,stewardesses unknowingly or deliberately tempting the male crew by the way they dress and in the privacy of the hotel room.

Jean came to my room to counter complain against her inflight supervisor (ifs) who had written an adverse report on her work performance on board their flight. I was supposed to listen to her and judge for myself whether the ifs's report was justified or not.

I thought to myself Jean was trying to win me over by the way she dressed. We spent a good one hour together but nothing happened between Jean and me. I was glad I could resist the urge to do something foolish which could have landed me in getting a sack.

Not long after the meeting, Jean was responsible for the sacking of a steward who was alleged to have molested her during one of their night stops.


Anonymous said...

You were wise to fight the evil temptation.

Boh Tong said...

Thanks. No point losing one's job over a cheap thrill.

Anonymous said...

hi bt,
may be Jean is hint to you that she wan to be your girlfriend? and u had missed the chance? lol.

Boh Tong said...

She wanted to use me against her ifs but i am not stupid. If she wanted me to be her bf i would know

Anonymous said...

Stunts are what movie extras do. Stunned is what you were..

Boh Tong said...

Thanks For the correction "teacher" :-)