Monday, October 13, 2014

After the SIA cabin crew interview...

Usually after the SIA the cabin crew interview, I'd received lots of emails from wannabes who did not have much success, example, last weekend (11- 12 Oct).
Some of the emails really amused me. They asked me things like "why did I failed huh?".." I have watched your YouTube videos and read some of your tips over the internet but I still failed.why?".. "I thought I did very well but why SIA boot me ?". Some even paid me for the next "Talks" when I've not even advertise the date. Others decided to buy my e-guides immediately after failing the interviews.

Frankly, I wish I have the answers as to why these people failed the interview. I could just guess as to why they didn't make it. The following are my some of my thoughts on the matter:
  • Don't have the looks of a cabin crew.
  • Can't speak proper English or speak too softly that interviewers could not hear.
  • Too bossy or domineering type.
  • Too skinny or too fat.
  • Boastful.
  • Overconfident.
  • Not properly groomed.
  • Has BO or BB.
  • Does not have the minimum height and educational qualification.
  • Bad skin.
  • Having visible tattoo and scars.
  • Simply unlucky.
  • Looking "oldish".
  • Uneven or unsightly teeth
The list could go on and on. My advice is to try again or get a copy of my guide (not the free one) and attend my "Talks".


ccwannabe said...

Hi BT, when's the upcoming talk? Thanks!

Boh Tong said...

no plan to hold one yet,