Friday, October 24, 2014

Ex MAS stewardess eyeing for .....

I felt a soft and gentle feminine touch as though from someone I knew. She was behind me as I was going up on the escalator to a shopping mall.
When we reached the second level of the building, we left the escalator and got to meet each other face to face.
"I recognised you, Luke" she exclaimed with much excitement and enthusiasm. " I was studying your website about how you've helped so many people achieved their dream of becoming stewardesses and stewards with Singapore Airlines", she told me with a look of envy in her big brown eyes.
I stretched out my hand and she accepted it. " I am Eca,a former MAS stewardess" she introduced herself.
Eca is an ex Malaysian Airline stewardess of about 25 years old. She quit MAS recently and is trying to get into SIA but without much success.
She suspected that SIA does not employ ex MAS crew. I told her SIA does not discriminate against former cabin crew from other airlines. She pleaded with me to help her. I told her I can only help her if she attends my talks and besides there is also no assurance that SIA will take her.

I led Eca to a cafe so we could sit down,have a drink and chat. She followed me. Throughout the one hour of chatting I was observing Eca. She had everything that an airline would want in a flight attendant. She was articulate, well groomed, beautiful and vibrant.

Before we parted company,Eca told me she would sign up for my talks sometime before the 31 January 2015 cabin crew interview in Singapore.
On that note we left to do our own things.


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