Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tony and his "Johnnie Walker "

Tony is an ex IFS who was given the boot many years ago. Main reason for being booted out was because of drinking alcohol during work. Other reasons included sloppy work, unpunctuality and sleeping during duty time.
His juniors did not miss him at all. Many were delighted when Tony was fired. He was considered one of the most useless and laziest supervisors.

Someone met him recently on the street and asked him whether he miss flying to which he replied,
"Nope I do not miss the work but I truly miss the free Johnnie Walker Black label".
Johnnie Walker is the brand of Scotch Whisky served to the passengers in the first class cabin. It is one of the finest Whisky in the market and Tony loved it. Tony used to steal the Whisky on most of his flights In fact, Tony confessed he can't afford to drink Johnnie Walker since he was out of the airline. It was too expensive for him.

One crew told me at one pre-flight briefing, Tony was so drunk that he that became incoherent. His toupee (hair piece) almost dropped off his bald head as he briefed his crew on their duties. It was an embarrassing situation but little did he realised it.

You may ask me why did the airline promote such an incompetent and irresponsible person to the IFS position. Answer: Well, in the old days, one would automatically be promoted because of seniority (years of service). Question: But then Tony was a drunkard right?. Answer:Nope, he wasn't a drunkard as far as we knew when he was a junior crew.

Today I was told, Tony looked like a vagabond roaming the streets. He is a divorcee and lives in a old run-down 3 roomed HDB flat.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Anonymous said...

He is not a divorcee la BT. He is a bapok hehe

Anonymous said...

Its red wine
He wears a baseball cap now
He is not a vagabond
He has more cash then most people of his age
He is in good health too

and he does not drink anymore