Thursday, October 9, 2014

It is time for cabin crew to elect new union representatives

It's been 4 long years since the current reps have taken over the helm. One term of 4 years and then the members would have to a chance to elect their reps again but what's happened? It's October 2014,please remember that. Delay? Postponement? Collective Agreement not completed? What kind of games are they playing? Perhaps the current team is afraid of losing is what came to mind.
I know, I know they have the right to extend another 3 months in power according to the constitution (correct me if I am wrong) to finish the CA negotiation. But the question is why can't the CA negotiation started 3 months earlier?

One term used to be 3 years but the previous group which was in power from 2007 till 2010 changed that arrangement to 4 years and look what has happened? They got screwed in the end.

I hope the incumbent will be gracious enough to call for an election instead of sitting on their asses and enjoy the benefits of being union reps!


Anonymous said...

Don't anyhow say lah BT where got enjoy privileges as a unionist?

Anonymous said...

Bt is correct to say they should surrender and let others do a good job. They have not done anything wrong except that they have not done anything right for the members either.

Anonymous said...

Do share what was wrong and right?

Anonymous said...

"Wrong" because of In action. When you don't do anything, you have not commit any wrongdoings.

"Done nothing right" means many cc who went through DI/CI were punished severely and union did not help them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you would like to elaborate an example or examples.

If Union did not assist the crew, they should report to MOM or NTUC! Then the reps should apologise to us for not taking action and resigned.

Is there a way for us to report MOM or NTUC about your claims of Union's inaction?

Anonymous said...

Do you think NTUC care for us? Alan has spoken to NTUC as well as a few crew who wrote to the GS of NTUC and nothing has been done.
Choice people should step down ASAP and give others a chance to be elected. People like PJ and Alan are waiting to be elected.

Anonymous said...

The office bearers of NTUC are really a bunch of androids. They are ignorant, ill-informed and many have been programmed to be procedure to be like parrots..... Very rarely do you ever come across a Union leader in Singapore who truly represents its members. CV Devan Nair, Phey Yew Kok and Doraisamy are some of these modest few.

CC who think that their union leaders are going to succeed to get back those perks that have been given away can kiss thei luck goodbye.

Anonymous said...

If Alan and the rest has spoken to NTUC and no response, there could be something wrong. If NTUC does not care, then this government is useless. Unless we have the actual reply given to Alan and the rest of the crew, then the whole picture would be clearer. I urge you not to accuse NTUC of been uncaring or useless. Haven't you forgot CPF the saga? Untrue accusations and get sued will get you the sack from SIA.

If talking about giving chances, it should be to PJ only. Alan has been given the chance and failed miserably in the last election.

Agree with the last writer about giving away perks. Every union leader gave away something, personally I feel

1. Eddie should not let the boys go on contract.
2. Alan should not have signed per diem and give away all the money (ie. SI and benefits)
3. Tony should not give away 5 hours more for penalty payment and 2 off days in the calendar year.

Just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Just resign from union en mass and no election can take place... if anyone gets elected, how can they claim representation of the entire CC?

Its a joke everyone.. a union in CC is a big joke.

With or without a union, management will ram through any policy... MoM will say its the perogotive of the businessman. CC are just merely shift workers governed by the same act as the employment act.

Anonymous said...

All same shit,just different day...Aln and team caused the additional one more year for all to suffer..Ony himself to blame..Maybe if he gets elected,he will push for 5 years...Then all will suffer shit for a longer period.. Now CC has become from bad to worse.. LHR 3 days,pax up,work back or Vv..Thanks tony!!