Sunday, October 19, 2014

Read what others said about the treatment of a wannabe by the interviewers

The response to the post on the treatment of a candidate at this >>> interview.

Anonymous said...

Interviewer was unprofessional and needed training like the old guard CCEs whom the co. booted out.

Anonymous said...

No wonder service is down.Interviewers whom i assume are management staff cannot even do a decent job.

Victim of SQ cc wannabe said...

I got e same treatment too. Wake up SQ!

Anonymous said...

Count your Blessings as you were not selected.

Would you want to work for this sort of company?

Such harsh interviewers, imagine the enviroment you going to work in.

Speak volumes of the mentality and culture of the management.

One door shut tens doors open.

Not your loss but a BIG loss for the co.


Stylistics said...

You can imagine what sort of work climate they have!

Geesh!.. better fly with CX or Emirates!..

Dont let this keep you down.. you're meant for greater stuff!

 Anonymous said...

Anyway I heard those interviewers are junior AOs? Hmm...poor candidate. That treatment was really unjust.

Anonymous said...

These interviewers getting more and more out of hand. Just because they have to deal with many candidates and working on a weekend does not mean they should show such attitudes. If they do this again those unfairly treated candidates should really write to Straits Times Forum of newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Take my advise,apply for CX,Emerate.Better pay plus more benefits as you get more senior.
I should know as I had been flying for 38 yrs.
I wanted to join CX but unable to due to family's pressure.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising to hear such
mediocre comments about our interviewers. They have a habit of judging a book by its cover and beating around the bush including those interviews that are carrried out for senior positions where the candididates are required to show up in uniform.

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as Meritocracy? The Colonial system is more reliable. Competence is preferred.