Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reply to unsuccessful candidates with tattoos, bad skins etc

BT: I didn't write this but someone else did so I reproduced it for the benefit of those aspiring to be SIA cabin crew...

Ladies & Gentlemen
Please take a moment and think about what SIA means to you and to the travelling public.

What is the perception of SIA as an airline? Do they come across as "happy go lucky"? or " formal & serious about luxury"?

Think about what the company branding is all about and the face it tries to project: 

A) updated hardware: new aircraft
B) reliable schedules
C) proficient staff

From its history, it has always projected an image of a steady, un-hurried and conservative company. At one stage, all the board of directors were above 55 years old. To date, there are some who are beyond 70yrs!

Does this not give you an idea what is their outlook of what a cabin crew should look like?
Have they ever advertised or projected an image like Richard Branson's Virgin ailrines?

Review all their publicity calendars, annual reports, TV ads ( from Youtube ) and check out the one single thread: conservative.

And you think there is a chance that they will accept a staff with visible tattoos? pimples and scar marks? It is like they look for girls from the convent and guys from the monastery..(virginity is tested elsewhere )

If you still do not understand this, then you should not be a crew with SQ.. better chance with others.. and you definitely are from the flip-flop group. 

If you get in, I will sell my SQ shares.


Anonymous said...

Go and sell your darn SQ shares which is not worth keeping.

Anonymous said...

5 years flying junior says:
yes agreed, if got facilities go short as well..

1) company share buyback also cannot support..
2) OIL price up our share price down..
OIL price down now our share price also drop...crap..
see you at $8 +

best regards,
5 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

Good skin and hair so what? Some of them look so sulky . And te old ones are so fierce.

Anonymous said...

Red colour scold green. Then green scold the blues. All done in the presence of pax . Sigh .

Anonymous said...

Can the female cc dye their hair to brown now?as in a obvious highlighted brown. I thought not supposed to hv times changed? And they can tie a loose bun now??