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Monday, October 6, 2014

Today is a public holiday. It sucks!

Not many are like me who does not like public holidays. I can understand them. They need a break from their office routine and sleep as long and wake up late as they want to. As for me, a retiree I can sleep any time I like or wake any time I want to except for a few jobs which would not take me more than 4 hour to do at one go.

I have stated before that holidays would see the shops,supermarkets, eateries etc packed with people. Not only that, the prices of food in the restaurants are also jacked up. An example was the Shabu Shabu my wife and I had yesterday (Sunday) at Changi City. It cost us $20 ++ whereas on a weekday the lunch is $15++...wow a difference of $5++ each. On top of that, we had to time in such a way like 3 pm to avoid the crowd.

Don't know about taxi fare on public holiday because we seldom use public transport but I heard the fares are up too.

So today, we decided to eat at home. We bought a whole and rather big chicken from a supermarket It cost us only $6.50. We queue for the chicken despite the long queue at Fair Price. We are going to cook "steam boat" style for our lunch. I've chopped the chicken into smaller parts and now making soup stock.

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