Friday, November 14, 2014

Are sia girls allowed to post partial photos of uniform?

A reader email me this:

"Are sia girls allowed to post partial photos of uniform? 
Came across an instagram girl who is currently having training in STC posting photos of hers. Is it acceptable?"

BT: The above fss has her name listed on top and at the bottom of the page.
I blurred the names as well as her face. She may not realise that the CC management is on a lookout for this type of crew who post their pics on social and get them into hot soup.
As for this traniee fss she may get a sack.


Seth C said...

Bo chai see kana sack then ask BT to help

joanna said...

Hi bohtong, if we pixelate our uniform will it be ok? And i think this new girl is just trying to show off lol.

Boh Tong said...

1) as long as the uniform is not shown it is fine.
2) do Not talk about work and SQ won't come after you.
3) do not show your name tag.

It's ok to show your pretty face in the media. If not pretty don't

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of such photos In insta lah. So call Pokemon catch them all?! Lol

CSS uniform like tablecloth how? Her nails use pink colour varnish how? Catch also?

What I'm trying to say is aiyo there are more serious "misconduct" "mistakes" crew hv made. Want to catch is those who shout loudly/scold in the aircraft because no passengers pay one thousand dollars to hear a CSS and LS quarreling and scolding the fss.

Frequent flyer.

Anonymous said...

CCE are under employed, so they go round looking to discipline crew for turn out, blogging, videoing.. etc

If only their parents knew... after years of university, the CCE has a responsibility to discipline others.

Brainpower under used to be productive

Anonymous said...

Dear SIA

Pls use your manpower n expertise to do something more urgent like upgrade your website and entertainment system. And maybe train the office staff to be more polite and helpful.

Thx n rgds

Anonymous said...

I don't get how pixelating the uniform helps in any way???? Isn't it obvious too? Isn't this double standard.?But in all honesty, I find it a stupid rule that cc are not allowed to post fotos of themselves in uniforms, unless it is in some inappropriate manner which might tarnish the company's image. But jus a pic with a fellow crew , happy smiling faces, with a cute angmo child u r babysitting also kena fired? Dont always blame the young crew say they attention seeking. Many retired old birds or those still in the office stalking would hv done that too. If they had social media then. Just tthat hey didn't hv all these options and platforms then. Not that they are more disciplined or less attention seeking.

Anonymous said...

Is it confirm will be sacked? If appeal got chance to avoid being sacked? Do they know they are not supposed to post photos in the first place?

Anonymous said...

And are they also not allowed to blog, as in like a professional blogger going for events not in the kebaya of course

Anonymous said...

Can blog but not about work or about the coy