Sunday, November 23, 2014

In contrast to stewardess Ronda, Sue was...

A voice that sounded familiar called out my name from a distance. I turned around and saw a plump old lady smiling at me. She must be in her late fifties. Being polite, I returned the smile she gave. "Can't you recognise me?" the lady asked me. Sheepishly, I replied in the negative. I can't remember knowing her. Was she an ex stewardess or was she a long lost relative, I asked myself. Neither was what came to my mind.

"Aiyoo, I am Sue la" the lady smiled unabashedly. "Oops, sorry Sue You have changed so much that I can't recognise you" I replied with honesty in my voice. " Ok ok I am old and fat so I don't blame you la", she said with a grin on her wrinkled face.

Sue was a cute looking stewardess back then. We used to go out together during our night stops. Sue was fun to have around and was a jovial girl. She must have neglected herself after she had left the airlines but then it was many years ago.

Sue was a divorcee and lived with her son in an estate near my place. She took down my phone number and said she would invite me to her son's wedding in 2 months time.

A day after we met, she called me on the phone. Sue wanted to borrow $5,000 from me. She told she needed the money to pay off her debt. I was taken aback by request. I told her I can't lend her the money as it was not a small sum. She sounded disappointed at my refusal to lend her the money.

It has been 5 years since I spoke with Sue. No, I was not invited to her son's wedding. She must have been disappointed with me for not lending her the money. Well, it's no love post really between me and her.  I wish her well and hope she is doing alright now.

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