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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Japanese hawker's daughter and Taipei woman stories--A repost

A few nights ago, I bumped into a retired senior steward (Jake) in a coffee shop. I was invited to have a drink with him. Knowing that I am a teetotaller, he ordered a cup of kopi "O" for me. He was having his usual Tiger Beer.

In between sips, we chatted about the good old times we spent in the airline. Jake is a reader of this blog of mine and he suggested that I post these 2 stories which he knew while he was a crew. Somehow, I have not heard of these stories which he was going to relate to me.

The first story which Jake told me was about a Japanese yatai ( roadside stall) man selling Oden (Japanese equivalent of our yong tau foo) in Osaka. This hawker had a beautiful teenage daughter. This yatai was frequented by the crew whenever they night stopped in Osaka. The Oden was delicious but more importantly the teenager who served the crew was sexy. It seemed many stewards had a liking for this girl. Some stewards in their limited Japanese tried to befriend her and invited her to the crew hotel.

This went on for a while and the hawker was tolerant and patient with the stewards. However, one night the hawker lost his cool to see his daughter being treated like a prostitute that he took his chopper and went amok.

Luckily, nobody was hurt. There were other Japanese customers at that time and they restrained the hawker. From that evening onwards, none of the crew dare to visit that yatai anymore.

The second story which Jake related to me was  about a case in Taipei. Jake was the crew-in-charge of that set of cabin crew which night stopped in TPE.

It was a morning flight and Jake and his crew were waiting for their chief steward (2nd in command) to board the hotel bus to the airport. Since the wait was quite long, Jake went to the chief's room to look for him.

Jake was shocked to witness a big commotion along the hotel aisle. There was a naked woman and Jake's chief steward arguing and fighting with each other. Fortunately, there was no other guests on that floor except those 2.
Jake tried separating them and eventually calmed the woman who was the aggressor down.

She told Jake the chief steward did not pay their agreed price. She was a prostitute whose sexual service was sought by the chief steward.

Jake noticed the chief smelled of alcohol and on checking his wallet found he had only a few dollars left. Jake took out 2 pieces of US$ 100 note and gave it to the woman.

The flight was almost delayed because of the case. Jake told me he did not make a report about the matter or else the chief steward would have been sacked.

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