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Friday, November 28, 2014

Official opening of Seletar Mall, I met ex LS who is now the boss of Fish & Co.....

The Seletar Mall situated at 33 Sengkang West Ave opened this morning (28 November 2014 Friday). It has 130 brands (not all are opened) and 380 parking lots.

It will have a list of established cafes and restaurants like A-One Claypot House, BALIthai, Delifrance, Din Tai Fung, Fish & Co., Han's, Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert, Let's EAT, McDonald's, My Briyani House, NeNe Chicken, O'Coffee Club, Oki-Machi ,Paradise Inn, Pizza Hut, Proofer Boulangerie, Shokudo, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, Starbucks, Subway, Sushi Express, Swensen's, Texas Chicken, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Toast Box, Umisushi, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and Ya Kun Family Cafe.

It will also have retailers, such as Bata, Challenger Mini, Citrusox, City Chain, dENIZEN, District 5, EEWU Laundry & Alteration, Giordano, Hang Ten, I Love Accessories, M.2, Pierre Cardin Lingerie, Popular Bookstore, Precious Thots, Royal Sporting House, The Travel Store, World of Sports and Young Hearts. It is indeed an exciting place to be in especially today. MacDonald,Toast Box and BreadTalks were the first 3 to start their businesses before the official opening which is today.

As I was McCafe's first customer (2nd pic from top) they presented me a McCafe cup & saucer plus 6 free vouchers for buggers and drinks.

This afternoon I bumped into Ricky Chew who is the owner of Fish & Co. He has an outlet on the 3rd level and was there to witness the opening. He waved at me and I waved back. Ricky was a leading steward with SIA back in the 1990s. He started Fish & Co with another senior crew of SIA.
Ricky looked the same as when he was a crew. He must be about 50 now and still look youthful despite of the hectic involvement in Fish & Co.

I've also bumped into old friends whom I have not met in years. The place was bustling with life.
My wife and had tried the food at Toast Box, Breadtalk, McDonald's, A-One Claypot, Jollie Bean, Sheng Kee, Ya Kun Kaya Toast and Let's Eat over the last 3 days.

We will continue to enjoy the food at this mall which is quite close to our place.


Jacky said...

Hello Uncle Boh Tong. I'm back to Singapore. Lucky you, to be first customer and got free gift.

Boh Tong said...

Hi Jacky welcome back to the crowded S'pore. I was lucky because I happened to pass by McDonald that morning. They gave me a coupon for Big Mac and McChicken as well as for 4 of their yummy drinks.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show how Singaporeans pass their time... from one mall to another.
Thats why we bump into same familiar faces often.

Doesnt anyone spend time at the beach, reservoir, or any outdoor activity?

Take a long walk from Tampines to Bedok jetty through east coast road, joo chiat
and take the bus back.

Walk to Changi village, have a beer ( or 4 ) and take the bus back.

Forgo shopping malls... they offer the same old tired brands..

If its not Toast Box, its Kaya toast
If its not Koi its bee cheng hiang
If its not yong tau foo, its chicken rice...

and pseudo sushi... ( yucks!)

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
Goes to show how Singaporeans pass their time... from one mall to another.
Thats why we bump into same familiar faces often.......

BT: Unkle wish he can walk that long distance but he can't la cos getting old and legs are weak. He is lucky to be alive let alone walk from Tampines to Bedok Jetty. Btw do you know that unkle's playground used to be the Bedok Jetty and the sea,netting prawns,sotongs and fishes? hehe

Jacky said...

Btw I love Fish & Co seafood feast especially the king prawns with cheese. Last time have set dish with king prawns and cheese. Now no more. If u see the boss again, can feedback to him to add that set dish back.

Boh Tong said...

I will do that Jacky when I meet Ricky again.

Jacky said...

Thank you Uncle Boh Tong. I signed up for Fish & Co member as there is free seafood platter on birthday month and extra $30.00 to eat.