Sunday, November 30, 2014

Retired IFS broke his nose

Retired IFS JQ is a nice fellow and usually nice people suffer more than not nice people. There is a saying " the good die young" and it is true as far as I know. No,no, JQ did not die but suffered a bad fall which broke his nose. Heard he was awarded in the hospital for a few days.
The unfortunate accident happened after attending a wedding dinner. Could it be due to the drinks he consumed? When one is getting old, one must realised that drinking even a little too much could pose a hazard to one's health let alone getting into accident like the one JQ had.

It's a good thing that he is working for a big company that provides generous health care benefits to its staff. These days the medical and hospital bills are not cheap. Without his company's welfare scheme, JQ would have to fork out ten of thousands of dollars. So it is good to keep working even after you have retired.

By the way JQ is currently working as a limo captain. We were rather surprised that he wanted to be work with another company after his retirement with SIA. He was supposed to be from a wealthy family. That was the impression he gave many of us. Perhaps, he was thinking of the medical benefits when he is still working. The other reason could be to while away his time and also get paid.

We wish JQ speedy recovery.


Eddy C said...

This is one ungrateful DOG. When he was ifs he kept close to me because i was union chief but now he does not even call nor answer my phone call. He deserves to have more than a broken nose.

Bola K said...

How can Bohtong mention that James Quack is a nice fellow. He is a parasite and make use of Eddie when Eddie was in power. I dont blame Edd for get sore at that Quack.

Anonymous said...


Highly manipulative chap.. will not blink an eye to abuse other people's weaknesses. Will goad and praise junior or senior crew to do things that is detrimental to their careers and leave them hanging.

We call that shit stirrer... and he was the biggest... including the shit.

They say

pai nang boey si
hor nang cha si

he is pai nang... thats why only broken nose... heaven and hell refuse to invite him in.

Anonymous said...

U r rite ! This chap always claim 2b from a rich background But he is a 1st class peasant, overrates himself ! Not Ho Lang !!!

Anonymous said...

Shocking ! For a son of a wealthy businessman dealing in Tobacco Cigarettes Cigars & Wines & Liquors !Mr Quack is a Limo Driver ? The least I thought would be the owner of a Limo Company ?

Anonymous said...

These bloggers ought to take a good look at themselves first and foremost. First two bloggers have suffered health issues before and survived. Should be grateful. Using this blog to launch personal attacks on JQ is uncalled for. Along with Uncle BT and other CC, hers's wishing JQ a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Is there such a word? Ask BT?
Even the cabin crew wannabes displayed ungratefulness once they get into SQ.

So don't be quick to judge others.
Look yourself in the mirror.
Do not use the word "Ungrateful" is like "Pot calling the kettle Black".

Before an election everyone is extremely nice once in power the tune will be different.

So open your eyes wide and know who your real friends.
Some will want to use you and some will want to be used by you.

What goes around comes around!
Got that?

Boh Tong said...

Is there such a word? Ask BT?
Even the cabin crew wannabes displayed ungratefulness once they get into SQ.

BT: Very much in agreement. Those who pleaded with me to help them get into SIA do not even respond to my sms CNY greetings once they become CC with SIA.