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Stewardess Cathy and her supervisor boyfriend

This is a story worth recording in this blog. It was about a gorgeous looking stewardess by the name of Cathy and Ken the young IFS (Inflight Supervisor). The year was 1976. Cathy was 20 years old and Ken was 29.
Cathy was into her second year of flying as a stewardess. She was sexy,good looking and had a vital statistics of a Miss World. Stood at 5 ft 6 inches or 167cm, she was only 2 inches shorter than Ken.

I may be wrong but in those days a new stewardess looked forward to having someone in a high position like an IFS or CS as a boyfriend or lover to be protected from the other crew.
If a stewardess had a "Protector" no other crew would mess around with her. So it was a norm to see stewardesses getting "involved" with a supervisor or a chief steward. Better still if the "Protector" was a Check Steward (highest ranking crew).
In those days, ranks count a lot. The management put a lot of emphasis on ranks. One may call it the hierarchical era. The cabin crew management put trust in its senior crew to run the inflight service.
No other crew could challenge the authority of the IFS/CS or the Checker.
Cabin crew department might sound like an army unit but it was the truth back then.

Those were also the days of TV serials like Jack Lord's Steve Mcgarrett Hawii Five O, Charlie's Angels, Kojak, Ironside etc etc  as well as Top of the Pop chart singers like Paul Anka, Bread, Beatles, John Denver, Elton John and many others.

I remember Cathy once confided in me that her favourite song was "I don't like to sleep alone" by Paul Anka. She also told me how much Ken loved songs like "Baby I'm-a Want You", "Sweet Surrender" by Bread.... etc etc

Cathay had never heard of Ken before. Then one day, she saw this good looking IFS at the Control Center. It was Ken, in his immaculate uniform going for his flight. She fell in love with Ken the moment she saw him. Cathy hurriedly moved towards Ken and introduced herself. " Glad to meet you, my name is Cathy" she said softly. " Oh, I am Ken, are you coming to Hong Kong with us?", Ken asked Cathy, hoping she would say "yes". " Oh no Ken, I will be going to Hong Kong this Thursday", she replied. " Huh huh, I will be there too, flying on SQ 637 from Tokyo and so we should be able to meet up in Hong Kong....can we, Cathy?" Ken asked Cathy with a wink.
Cathy was excited at the prospect of having a date with Ken in Hong Kong.

Cathy was tossing and turning the whole night before her morning flight to HK on Thursday. She was excited and anxious to meet Ken.
Cathy's flight arrived in HK in the early afternoon. She checked into her Kowloon Holiday Inn and declined to go out with her crew for lunch. She was prepared to wait for Ken's phone call even if it meant waiting for another 2 hour before Ken's flight arrived from TYO/TPE.
Too tired, Cathy fell asleep while waiting for Ken's call. When Cathy got up from her sleep, it was already 7pm. No call from Ken....what could have happened she wondered? Ken's flight could have landed around 4pm. She called the hotel reception and was told that Ken and his crew had already checked into Holiday Inn a few hours ago. But why didn't Ken call her as promised? Did he forget about their date or something had happened to him?....Cathy asked herself.

Be back and I will tell you more......

Cathy's story continues........

Ken actually forgot about his HK date with Cathy. He was out with 2 new stewardesses who had never been to HK. That evening he was showing them where to eat and shop in HK.

Cathy kept calling Ken the whole evening but to no avail. She was terribly upset with Ken. She left him a message under his hotel room door.

It was almost 11pm when Ken returned to his room. He was shocked to find that he actually had a date with Cathy and had forgotten all about it. He immediately called Cathy and apologised profusely. Reluctantly, Cathy accepted Ken's apology and asked whether she could go over to his room. Within the next 10 minutes, Cathy was outside Ken's door. He let her into his room and the rest was history.

Cathy was very much in love with Ken from that night onwards. But there was one snag though because Ken was a married man. Nevertheless, Cathy wouldn't mind hanging around with Ken.
Their love affair went on for almost 2 years until one day, Cathy caught Ken having sex with her flatmate,Liz another stewardess.
There were often bitter arguments and fights between Cathy and Ken since the day when Liz stepped into their lives. Cathy could never forget the amount of sacrifices she had made for Ken. She was willing to be his mistress. She even gave Ken money after he complained that he had lost a lot of money through gambling. But now with Liz intruding into their private lives, it was too much for Cathy. She never trusted Ken from that day she found about his affair with Liz. She knew he would be screwing Liz whenever she was away on flight.

Cathy became depressed and once confided in me that life was not worth living anymore. I was worried for her because there was a hint of suicide each time she spoke to me.
One day, Cathy packed her clothes and belongings and left Singapore. She told me she was going back to Malaysia.

We did not hear of Cathy until one day I met one of her batch girls. She told us that Cathy had committed suicide, or was it? Another source told us that she was murdered by Ken. No one really knew the truth. The court could not come to a conclusion. It was an "open verdict" which means that the court confirms that the death is suspicious but is unable to reach any of the other verdicts open to them.

It's a sad but true story


Anonymous said...

Why all the story 30 40 years ago one. Maybe new gen rly smarter in many ways...

Anonymous said...

Real or not? Never heard of this story though I was in the airlines too.

Anonymous said...

Always making up stories

Johnny said...

Make up story NVM la so long as BT can entertain us hehehe but this story is true except that BT has tweak it so "Ken" cannot accused him of ........

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh Johnny U are another 1 la !

Anonymous said...

This is a true story. Only names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. this story was about JSJM and CAM.

old but junior crew said...

Yah... after landing in SIN he would open a can of tiger, walk unto the aerobridge and down the can... after all pax had disembarked. Before aerobridge days ( paya lebar ) he did the same.. one can very well chilled in the ice bin in first class ( 747)
walk unto steps... pop the can and lim, lim, lim.


Never got reported... even if it was, he never was punished.

Served all the way to max and retired with full benefits.

Some people have jaded lives.