Monday, November 10, 2014

About my name, law suits and so forth..

Many have asked me whether my name is really Boh Tong. I told them Boh Tong isn't my real name but it is a nickname given to me by my mother. Some told me it is a funny name. So what if it is funny. What about Boh Tea which quite similar to Boh Tong (a relative of mine huh?)? Funny? Nope it isn't funny, it is a multi million dollar business.

So much for my name. The next thing I want to talk is about defamation suit against me or the threat of it rather. Some felt that I have talked "bad" about them in my blog and they want to seek redress. My answer is : Go ahead and do what you feel like doing, take me to court and make me a bankrupt.
But I know it is not that easy to simply sue another just because he blogs about something similar to what have happened to you.

Let me just point out that it is not easy to sue. I had the same feeling about suing some people who blog about me. I've consulted a lawyer who specialises in such cases. He told me that I would have to spend a lot of $$ to sue somebody. First, he told me he would do a "search" and then issue a "letter of demand" to the other party who supposedly "slandered" me to remove the article. For the first part, the "search' and the "letter" I would have to cough out $6,000. Now if that blogger refused to remove the post or comment about me, then she or he will be taken to court. It's fine if I win the case in court but if I did not then I will have to pay cost for both party. All in all it may cost me thousands of $$.

The next question the lawyer asked me was whether it is worthwhile taking up the case considering I am a "nobody". The questions are : 1)Will the post affect my business badly, that is if I have a business to begin with or is my business that big that warrant taking the blogger to court?
2) Am I a politician or someone who hold high office? If not, I was advised to forget about suing the blogger.

A few years ago, someone wrote to stomp a ST forum complaining about the "exorbitant" fees which I charged cabin crew wannabes who attended my talks. In the complaint it was also stated that I may not be an SIA CCE I claimed to be. They posted my photos in the forum. At first I was furious because the complaints were untrue. I wanted to sue but I know suing ST won't be that easy. It has deep pockets and a team of lawyers working full time for them.

In 2006, I was asked by the cabin crew management of  SIA to remove the images that I had used in my blog. SIA claimed the it was a copyright infringement. I complied but that wasn't the end of the story.
The then SVP of cabin crew asked one of the CCEs to monitor my blog in case I defame them. New classes of trainees were told to be wary of my blog. The same SVP was furious when one of my readers left an adverse comment about his wife in my blog. He blew his top and complained to a unionist whom I knew. The unionist contacted me about the comment and I deleted it.
Now that SVP is no longer with cabin crew. He is with another division within SIA.


Jacky said...

If they find the fees expensive, then don't take the course lah. Frankly speaking the people u wrote about in your blog, I don't even know them. If they sue and it get publish in local newspapers, everybody will know who they are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who threatens to sue ought to take a good look at themselves in the mirror.If the cap fits your head, just wear it. Not wise to spend huge sums of money enriching the bank accounts of lawyers.

Anonymous said...

It is the same with Seow Gi Nah.. Threathened to sue. Like real. Tell everyone he is head-hunted. Maybe his head is being hunted.

Anonymous said...

who is seow gi na?

Anonymous said...

Mr Seow

Anonymous said...

The most popular mgr in CC. He just got promoted and then resigned. Not right somewhere..