Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A suggestion worthy of exploring by airlines

Blogger Snowy Beagle said...


Would like your opinion on an idea.

What if the trays and utensils and cups were magnetically attached to the trays to minimise them being upset during turbulence?

Most of the time, pilots would warn the crew and pax in advance - seldom was the plane caught totally unaware.

After the warning, pax could be asked to put down the utensils to the magnetic catch and cover up their food.

Cups would have covers which open only when pax drink.

It may not look very elegant, but in event of turbulence, there would not be flying food and utensils.

A few pillows maybe, but it cause so much less damage and result in a lot less cleaning.

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Anonymous said...

It will be a logistic nightmare to magnetise the utensils and the trays. Besides the extra weight, the items will be difficult to detach from the trays for washing. Idea has been looked into by the airlines and manufacturers of the trays but the cost outweighs the other factors.