Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ex employees bitter about former employer..but why huh?

This "stories" were WhatsApp to me regarding airline ASS-Q :

Tel u one story
When our old fren Chee Lai left d a/line,ASS-Q overpaid her $50 in arrears.
Ur good old co sent her 3 legal letters to demand d $ back.
Otherwise they threatened to sue her in court.
Bitcy Chee Lai chose to defy d threat.
Outcome: All talk, no cock!
D suit never arrive!!
Tats how ur good co operates, hor?

It proves one thing: it's a f***up co, jus lik most big co.
Thats y I m nvr loyal to it.
They paid me $, I gv them my service. No obligation.
I dun owe them anything.
Wat I earned is rightfully my well deserved returns!!

I respect thos who regard ASS-Q their parents n saviour.


I Luv SQ said...

He or she is one sore "COCK" or "CUNT" who is ungrateful and unappreciative Pariah!

Anonymous said...

The company have to answer to the audits. They have to take action to answer to the public holders. Once the letter sent job done, the reason of not pursuing the matter is because the court case will cost more then the $50. This will be a valid answer for the auditors. Why they overpay her will be another matter for the internal investigation which will be carried out. When it comes to money everything has to be accounted for more so after the Hendry Teo saga.

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
The company have to answer to the audits......

BT: Good & sound answer. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Or some fellow decided to pay that $50 to save the hassle.