Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I was stating a fact not a comparison

If you fly with SQ 99% of the time you are not able to comment on service quality.

Applying criteria to only 1 airline results in bias.

The minimum comparative study is for apples to apples.

Use TYO sector and fly with CX,Delta, ANA (or JAL), United and SQ

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The above was a comment left by a reader on my earlier post "SIA cabin crew as efficient and conscientious as those during my time".

I wasn't comparing the service on SIA to that of any airline. I was stating a fact and that's SIA inflight service is as good as before. Anyone can comment on the service even he or she has only flown on that one airline. 

When I said that SIA's service was good it does not mean it is the best. It might have been the best during my time but other airlines service have by now caught up or surpassed it.

Therefore, I wasn't bias when I said that SIA's service is still as good as before.

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Anonymous said...

I flew economy in SQ, CX, MH, JL, AA, UA, ANA etc and I cannot tell the difference between the cabin crew service in SQ, MH, JL, CX, ANA. I used to think that SIA was no. 1 but now I think it is a government propaganda.