Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kopi Ah Soh & ex-IFS

Met Mei the Kopi Soh again yesterday. She invited me for a cup of coffee but I declined as I've already had my kopi a little earlier at a NTUC Foodfare outlet. I also declined to drink her kopi because it's relatively expensive. Why should I pay $1.80 when I can have a cup for 80 cents at the NTUC Foodfare nearby? Do you know that with $1.80 I could buy a breakfast set from Foodfare which includes a cup of kopi, 2 soft boiled eggs and 2 slices of kaya butter toasts? If one is a NTUC union member one only pay $1.40 for the breakfast set.
Competition from Foodfare will eventually bankrupt these expensive kopi/cafe joints.
Then,when I told Mei that her monthly salary is higher than that of a stewardess/steward's basic she simply couldn't believe it. I said BASIC salary ok!

On a different note, I saw a retired IFS working in a restaurant nearby. He was busy clearing his customers' table (never work so hard as an IFS & in crew's lingo "chor bo lan" & was paid 8K a month by SIA). At first I could not recognise him but after  a while I could recall that this was the IFS who tried to con a colleague of mine regarding the sale of a HDB flat (he used to be a housing agent). After remembering what he wanted to do to my colleague, my sympathy for him disappeared completely. At 65, it must be a struggle to be a waiter both physically and mentally (he deserves every bit of it). Even when he was flying as a cabin crew, I never thought well of him.
He used to boast how rich he was until one day he defaulted on a 5k loan repayment to Victor the cabin crew loan shark.
Another IFS told us that this retired IFS's boss should not let him go near the cash register.

I do not mean to badmouth this or other ex crew but I think people need to know what is going on. For example if this ex IFS's employer know his true colour he would not have employed him.

BT: Victor the loan shark had a stroke recently and is now wheelchair bound.


Retired crew said...

The ability to retire by age 50 is an achievement reserved only for those who plan carefully and with strong will & discipline.

Even then, only time will verify and confirm if the plan achieved its objective. The measure of a successful retirement plan is known only after 10 years after retirement.

People can survive for more than 5 years after retirement using funds from cash, and sale of shares, or housing.

The true hallmark is having a lifestyle unchanged for 10 years:

*No full time employment or none at all

* More than 2 flights beyond 10 hours per annum

*No downgrading of home
*No downgrading of car ( if there was a car to start with )
*No Mcdonalds

Kopi from coffee shops, food courts, macdonalds is adulterated with corn powder to give a full taste.

No need to go out to drink. Brew an expresso or cuppucino at home, away from crowds. Drink quality cups of coffee in Europe when on vacation. Eat quality cured meats in Italy.

Being an ex crew this knowledge about F&B and where to go is perfect for a start. Discover more as we enjoy retirement and appreciate the fruit of our financial planning.

Those who have to work will always have an excuse:

life boring,
earn kopi money,
keep mind active

all lies... they need the $$

Lian said...

Haha.. I have also met many ex 'cho bor lan' IFS. I was just telling the hub that there was this ex IFS who took his time to write hotel name list when service starts and when crew is free, he will start cleaning galleys, sending signal to crew. Amusing! Greetings from London, my favourite city then and now:-)

Anonymous said...

In reality, the "cho bo-lan" IFS survives 100% ( some have even been appointed as IA or selected to be part time SEP instructors!!)

The "on the ball" IFS that helps in other classes or makes the effort to train, nurture other ranks or even to qualify remarks for scores in appraisals
will get the sack 50% of the time.

Think about it.

Moral of the story:

"cho bo-lan" wins the marathon
"on the ball" loser