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Friday, December 5, 2014

Kopi Ah Soh paid more than cabin crew?

Mei, a plumpish lady of about 55 used to work at one of the neighbourhood Kopitiam. She was one of those who made coffee for the customers. My wife and I used to patronise that Kopitiam and lately we have not seen Mei.
Just a few days ago, we spotted Mei at a newly opened shopping mall. She is now working for a cafe that sells kopi. Mei was excited to meet us. We chatted for a short while as the place was quite crowded and Mei was busy.

We found out the cafe offered Mei a monthly basic salary of $1,800 with 4 days off in a month. Besides, if Mei works on a Sunday or public holiday, she will be paid double i.e. $120 a day. In the end she told us her salary comes up to at least $2,040. She told us her boss is a nice chap and is treating her extremely well. She also get a week's annual leave per year.

A cabin crew with SIA starts with a basic salary of $1,340. The budget airlines cabin crew salary is even lower than that of SIA's.  Besides,there are also a lot of strict requirements e.g. must be of a certain height, must possess a minimum educational qualification, must pass medical checks etc etc...

As for Mei and those working in the cafes the requirements are simple and straightforward. No need to have any education or requirements like those of the cabin crew. There is no need to smile or be nice to the customers. In fact, one can start making coffee on the same day with an hour's training.

After talking with Mei, I was tempted to apply for a job with that cafe.


Anonymous said...

Labour crunch ma so employers got no choice but employ people like Mei

Anonymous said...

Please do not conveniently omit out the other salary components of a screw. IFA? uniform allowance? transport allowance? medical benefits? off days? total working hours etc? To summarise- a old foggey IFS typically gets about $7k-$8k for basically doing nothing. BT you know the truth how much a cho bo lan screw earns vs the amount of work put in. So pls dont give a skewed view here.

Anonymous said...

working 6 days a week. 12 hours a day. annual leave only 7 days a year. all for $1,800. And you say its better? Are you senile or what?

Anonymous said...

No SEP test
No Sexy to meet
No pax complaints
No early morning wait for taxi
No auditor to please
No standby
No carts to push & pull
No stupid MC problems
No tech crew to serve
No special meals

Anonymous said...

No SEP test-SEP in SIA is a joke. any kid can pass. Just keep do the online test 1 day before. Whats so difficult?
No Sexy to meet- Only if you get in toruble
No pax complaints- You mean pao kopi no people complain?
No early morning wait for taxi- The auntie most likely have to squeeze in trains and buses with peasants. Be glad you go to work in taxi
No auditor to please- Pao kopi also have audit and KPI
No standby- No comments
No carts to push & pull- They push out carts do collection during peak hours
No stupid MC problems- What makes you think their pay not deducted when they MC?
No tech crew to serve- They have their bosses or regulars to serve also
No special meals- Typical sinkie assholes will ask for SPML. Hot milk seperate put. Put honey instead of sugar etc.

If you think the auntie job is so rosy, just quit and try for a day lor. Dumb ass. Arguing just for the sake of arguing.

Old uncle said...

No matter what the auntie does not have an education and yet able to earn a basic salary more than a stewardess with the so call world's best airline.