Friday, December 19, 2014

Money, apartment and a classy car, never mind about not being married

Ann was a stewardess that I knew quite well when I was with SIA. She was stunningly beautiful and a clever girl. We met recently when I was shopping at a mall. It was 12 years since we last flew with each other. Ann has since left the airline.
At 34, Ann still looked good. We spoke for a while, in a cafe where we had our coffee. Ann's story is rather interesting and so I thought I would blog about it.

Ann is still unmarried. She told me she is now living with her boyfriend. The guy is a married man,unfortunately for Ann. But she does not mind because he is rich and is giving her a monthly allowance of 50k. He bought her a private apartment in the east and a classy Porsche. She told me her BF is quite old. " I don't really care about being his mistress so long as he provides me with money, apartment and a Porsche", she told me with a cheeky wink in her eyes. "He is giving me 10 times the salary SIA was paying me and besides, I don't have to work like a dog but just be caring and loving with him", she told me in a matter-of-factness.

After about 30 minutes, we parted company. We did not exchange phone numbers as her lover was a jealous type who has warned her against mixing with guys. She told me she has a lot to lose if her lover finds out she is going out or chatting with guys. I told her I understand her situation.

Sometimes, I wonder why would a beautiful and young lady like Ann want to be "kept" as a mistress. Is money,expensive cars etc play such an important role in one's life? Ann would one day be an old lady and after her lover's demise wouldn't she be lonely? I can't understand but to Ann money is the ultimate. Good luck to her then.


Jacky said...

Aiya different people have different needs. Like my colleagues who like expensive watches and are happy when they see one. When I think I only need books and delicious books to be happy, I think I am so rich as I don't need expensive things to be happy. Luckily what I like are not expensive.

Anonymous said...

Ann is a smart girl. We all slog for money and so Ann just let the old fart play with her body and get paid.

Anonymous said...

which ever way you see Ann is a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

Not any common prostitute.

This is high stakes.
If played well, she is set for life.
Its hard work to keep face & body attractive to the man. Its hard work to pander to his sexual and emotional needs.

Such is the natural strengths of women. But many do not know how to capitalise on it... they worry too much about morality, ethics.

Lonely? ha! ha!.. with money, you will never be lonely.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so cocksure that being wealthy will not be lonely.

Anonymous said...

Don't be like someone I know who is also being "kept". She is now in her late fifties and is lonely. She has no children. Granted she got lots of money from her rich lover but he is also keeping a younger woman. Get out before it is too late. You are 34 and still have many opportunities to get married to a decent man and start a family.

Snowy Beagle said...

$50k a month ($600k a year, like TT Durai!)
A luxurious freehold apartment
An expensive car (with 10-year COE)

Yes, at 34 years old, it is a great income.

Yes, she's earning it doing a job that's not illegal.

Sure, it's easy to get carried away.

So, how many mistresses live well in their old age?

In the best case, scenario, the sugar daddy dies and leaves her a substantial pile of fixed assets like stocks, shares, properties. Will he?

Unless she learns to manage the money she earns, she is going to be ill-equipped to handle all the wealth.

But in the first place, does she even consider these things?

If she did learn to manage money, invest, start businesses herself, she can look forward to a day when she can choose to be independent of the sugar daddy, if she wants to.

But like many kids of rich parents, money that does not come hard earned in the traditional sense is seldom valued but easily addicted to.

Even if she considers herself working hard for the money, did she ever consider what she is doing to become dependant on what she is currently doing to be the sole means of earning money such that she will be ill-equipped for other jobs?

And really, her line has an expiry date - either he tires of her first or he dies. And at 34 and older later, she'd not find it easy to find a rich boyfriend who is as generous.

When we get used to something, we will often find it hard to let go.

So better not get used to certain things.

Boh Tong said...

As always, Snowy Beagle, I enjoy reading your comment. Ann should consider the things you've mention. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Once, a FSS told me that her very wealthy sugar daddy was so ugly that she had to finish half a bottle of First Class XO Brandy(off load from aircraft)before she made love to him,as "one gets drunk,everything look beautiful"