Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SIA plane hit air turbulence

SQ 615 from Osaka to S'pore on 23 December with 268 passengers and 2 infants was hit by air turbulence. 14 people injured.

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/capital958


Anonymous said...

Any of the 8 onboard?

Anonymous said...

Who are the 8? and why cc always mention about the 8? Please enlighten us.

Snowy Beagle said...


Would like your opinion on an idea.

What if the trays and utensils and cups were magnetically attached to the trays to minimise them being upset during turbulence?

Most of the time, pilots would warn the crew and pax in advance - seldom was the plane caught totally unaware.

After the warning, pax could be asked to put down the utensils to the magnetic catch and cover up their food.

Cups would have covers which open only when pax drink.

It may not look very elegant, but in event of turbulence, there would not be flying food and utensils.

A few pillows maybe, but it cause so much less damage and result in a lot less cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, the 747 had crew bunks.
Each bunk was referred to as '1357L', '1357R', '1875FWD'.

It was very confusing particularly if there was a defect that required the attention of ground engineers and technicians. Imagine having to recall the specific serial number and describing the defect in the cabin defects log book.

It was suggested to management that the bunks be referred simply as "bunk #1", "bunk #8". It would be so much easier for everyone... eliminating confusion.

The idea was shot down by none other than a manager in crew division who was in charge of staff ideas.

John rebuked the idea and said:

" Boeing already has designated serial numbers to the bunk, there is no need to re name them... and we will need to rewrite all the training manuals in cabin crew and also engineering!"

9 months later, all the bunks were renumbered to "1,2,3..." with credit to the manager.

This is just 1 example of how ideas never saw daylight. Except for the $10,000 steward who suggested removing 24 litres of orange juice. ( that was more a political move by management actually)

Anyway, to cut the long story:

Never ever suggest anything to SQ.
It will be ignored but it can be adopted on the sly.

They are just too proud and egoistic to embrace new perspectives.

Anonymous said...

Infact as a former sq pilot and now working for a foreign airline. All these turbulence only happened in sia. The current airline I am working for. We always look out for impending bad weather etc. We are not allow any reading materials eg newspaper, magazines etc. Unlike the days when I am in sq, the pilots will talk on the phone before take off. Read all the papers and magazines thats is available. Munch on peanuts etc and let auto pilot do the job. Look at AngMo airlines you will know what I am talking about...everyone takes the same flight path. Why only sq.....the culture is so bad that I rather leave and be a professional pilot esle where tgen be here be bullied by the mgtment and atas 4 bar

Boh Tong said...

Snowy Beagle, I think your idea is excellent. Perhaps, all airlines should have a look at it as it may prevent injuries in the event of turbulence.
Thank you for your contribution.

Anonymous said...

To the former sq pilot... The way your post reads makes it very obvious you are a loser pilot wannabe or a loser cabin crew.. Did you not read or know that an Ang mo airline was also hit by severe turbulence over Japan just recently ? I guess that pilot flying for the Ang mo airline must also be a former sq pilot..For goodness sake, please work on your spelling and grammar, so as not to be a disgrace to the real pilot profession ...

Anonymous said...

haha disgruntled pilot you don't even write properly,bad grammar etc. You must be a bus driver bcoz no airlines will employ such people haha

Anonymous said...

you mean those high class drivers aka pilots have very the good engrish to begin with huh? they cant even read the pre arrival announcement properly .

Anonymous said...

i would rather be a high class driver than a high class waiter anytime...hee hee... At least they make more money and don't have to work so hard.. Only iidiots who can't be driver have no choice but be waiter lah.. I'm Not driver, but it's a no brainer..why not get paid more for less work ? So easy job, how come don't want? Just need to push button, and read newspaper only.. I also want to be driver leh !

Anonymous said...

I agree that a pilot's job is the best job as opposed to we cabin crew aka glorified waiters.
The only time they sweat bricks is when some A/C anomalies present itself and they have to make life-saving decisions.
Main role of a cabin crew is to complement the pilots in an emergency for,without us, can they evacuate all the pax or even save themselves?
Those who choose to disparage a cabin crew's role as some atas waiter are either losers or ignorant of the role we play.
Every year we go through rigorous safety and security training which the coy takes rather seriously.
We respond to medical emergency,administer first-aid on board and sometimes need to assume the role of a security officer to restraint an unruly pax etc but our number one priority is the safe evacuation of all pax in an event of an emergency and all other duties are secondary.
To trivialise our job,and sometimes we have psychotic pax who dehumanise us, only reflects on their upbringing.
And to rephrase the above anonymous post,
everybody can be a waiter but not not everyone can be a cabin crew.
Do not patronise a waiter as an idiot for any job has dignity as long as it is an honest living.
When you disparage somebody's job, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and you will always see a loser, a 20 cent man in a thousand dollar jacket so to speak.
Seasons greetings to everybody here and hoping 2015 will be a better year for all airlines.
Adios. .��

Anonymous said...

No need to decribe your bloody waiter job as if its so important and difficult la.If you think the joke SEP you guys are taking yearly is so difficult, that speaks volumes of your ability already. Out of SQ, you guys are nobody! Most of you can only apply for taxi drivers, secuity guards or property agents. ie jobs with little entry requirements.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being a taxi driver, security guard and property agents?
It seems to me that you value people by their status, a classic sinkie trait that is vulgar and makes others despise us.
By your patronising post, you have dehumanised yourself to someone who looks up to people who possesses material wealth and job status only.
It seems that you are an ignoramus without any compassion for others and therefore it is pointless arguing with douchebags like you.
I will end here with this quote,"some people are so poor, all they have is money."
Go figure this out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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