Monday, December 15, 2014

SIA cabin crew as efficient and conscientious as those during my time

Frankly, I think the SIA cabin service is still as good as it used to be when I was there as their training and check executive. However,the crew of today is a different class of workers. The junior crew are bolder and will not hesitate to report their seniors for any work/disciplinary lapses. But this does not mean they are less hardworking and less efficient than the crew of my era.

As for the statement that the stewardesses are "very flirty with Ang Moh men, and I also saw some often bend down in front of Ang Moh men so they can see their chest." is pure nonsense.

The perception that the SIA stewardesses "treat the Ang Moh passengers in the same class better than Singaporeans or other races" is also a lopsided view. In my opinion, the stewardesses "treat the Ang Moh better" is because the interaction between the Ang Mohs and the stewardesses are more "visible" than say, between them and the passengers of other races.
In fact, the Ang Moh passengers are more complimentary and this may have resulted in the stewardesses being responsive to such treatment.

Generally Asians,Singaporeans included are more conservative and quiet. However, that does not mean they are not nice people. During the training sessions I have reminded the trainee stewardesses to treat passengers of all races equally. Being young, these girls sometimes do forget and may become more responsive to being flattered by the Ang Mohs. 

Since my retirement 11 years ago, I have flown with SIA as its passengers a dozen times. On each of my flights, I have noticed that the service is of a high standard.
The statement made by "Singapore Girl" regarding more Malaysian girls flying as SIA stewardesses than Singaporeans is also wrong. If I am not wrong, 70% of the SIA girls are Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

The writer was a female and was jealous of the stewardesses Period!

Anonymous said...

If you fly with SQ 99% of the time you are not able to comment on service quality.

Applying criteria to only 1 airline results in bias.

The minimum comparative study is for apples to apples.
Use TYO sector and fly with CX,Delta, ANA (or JAL), United and SQ

You have:

2 asian carriers
2 american carriers

against SQ.

Same sector, similar flight times, different departure times, different fares, similar or same series aircraft.

But stick as close as possible to morning or afternoon flight.
Not midnight red eyes.

Then you have all the daylight hours to observe, taste, speak, touch and smell the service.

Only then can you make a qualified comment.

In my opinion, Delta wins hands down on the SIN-TYO sector ( Y class)

Anonymous said...

"...crew as efficient and conscienientious as those..."

Not all!
Majority are not as committed and dedicated in their job as in your era.

There are also many factors that contribute to the decline in being the best airline for 2015.

Nothing got to do being Asian perceived to be more quiet and conservative.
Take an example the Japanese.
Majority are polite and gracious.
The little Jap children will always greet their elders like "Konichiwa" and "Domo Arigato Gozaimasu" when accepting something. All these are taught during their upbringing.
Check with BT as he travels extensively to Jap.

Since the mass reduction of the crew (including the CCE) during the SARS period, SQ ranking been dropping no more in the top position.
Some may think that the CCE belong to the dinosaurs era and their teaching methods are obselete. If this is true ever ask yourself WHY the airline ranking has dropped to 6th position?

Could it be KARMA taking effect?

I A said...

Standards decline not because sia got rid of the dinosaurs but the union.

Anonymous said...

Let's call a spade, a spade. The perception that our inflight service has dropped could be attributed to our crew being more educated ( about 40% of our crew possesses a university degree and the rest possessing a diploma and A levels with O levels forming the minority )
Thus being said, the singapore girl comes across as more assertive and articulate and will banter with any pax of any nationality who they find easier to talk to.
Sad to say, most singaporeans when they travel,they have this self - entitlement, self-importance and a passive-aggressive attitude that doesn't endear them to anybody who is serving them.
I have come across a singaporean pax who refused to allow the pax infront of him to recline his seat leaving us with no choice but to move the docile pax infront of him to another seat just to appease the singaporean pax who happens to be a PPS.
They are impatient, rude and unappreciative.
Ask any flight attendant from any asian airline, who are the worst pax to serve? (I say asian airlines cos they will not try this on ang moh airlines).
Sadly it's our fellow country men.

Anonymous said...

yes indeed. typical ugly sinkies who have this mentality 'customer is king'. they are educated but behave like boors who will threaten to complain or ask for compensation at the smallest things. Shame on you sinkies!

Anonymous said...

The performance of current CEO GCP has not been impressive. Fortunately, Silk Air is doing very well and much better than its parent airline. GCP has colourful educational qualifications and if anyone thinks that this si going to be good, ought to think again. Just look at our founding leaders and Tony Fernandes.

Anonymous said...

Not impressed by the glowing reports coming out from India regarding Vistara. Past joint ventures with stakes in foreign airlines have only proved disastrous. QANTAS is also in the same boat. Its current CEO Alan Joyce has impressive paper qualifications. His predecessor, Geoff Dixon, not so impressive but ran the airline with enormous success.

Anonymous said...

SHELL has a record of looking after its MGT staff very well. Their annual bonus amounted to as much as ten months. For a long time, all looked rosy on the outside until a major fire broke out at its refinery at Pulau Bukom. Fortunately, it was put out and did not take long for its good reputation to be restored. What happened? Too much bonuses breed complacency or too much aircon is an incentive to breed hibernation? Just like the stabbing incident at Raffles Place in broad daylight....where were the men in blue??? CBD named after founder Stamford Raffles of all places.

At issue in SIA MGT is not the dinosaurs. It is the obscene salaries that their directors are paid. Not one of them is worth the money that they are drawing. CK Leung, CEO HKG used to work in Singapore until then CEO Chris Patten raised the salary of tis civil service...He packed up and went back to HKG. Where there is money, there will be bees.

This curent breed of SIA directors will only continue growing fat and lazy as long as there their bank accounts are fattened.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 persons whom I always respected. They are JY Pillay and Lim Chin Beng.
How the company became top in their service ranking under their leadership.
Once you are No. 1 it's much more challengeing maintaining it.

Now that it slipped to 6 position speaks volume of the way the company is being run.

Anonymous said...

Mismatched KPI
Focused on $$ & cts
Miss wood for the trees
Focused on shedding old workers
Focused on discipline without aligning doctrine.

Cannot identify new areas to wow the customer.
If by chance they do,.. they want it cost free and want staff to carry it out with inadequate autonomy.

A Handsome Chief Steward said...

Tony Fernandes has equally colourful academic qualifications as GCP but what stands out is his exceptionally colourful interpersonal skills which he possesses and used in his negotiations to gain landing rights to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand for his fledgling airline in 2003.
His company's core values are congruent with another colourful entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson's which is,"take good care of your staff and your staff will take good care of your customers and your customers will take care of the shareholders."
Today Tony is worth $650 million.
This is what I call talent.

Anonymous said...

JYP and LCB were the pioneer leaders of SIA.They led by example and never broke their faith with the employees. Both were granted the NASA SPACE LEGENDS AWARD for their contribution to aviation. They will always remain in all of our hearts and minds forever.