Sunday, December 14, 2014


I work for in marketing for a pharma so I need to fly around the globe almost 3-4 round trips per month on avg for the past decade, so i know about the different airlines’ pros and cons.

Here’s the deal with SIA. My personal opinion only : –

- SIA cabin crew service has been steadily declining since as early as mid 2000s. But drop more noticeable these couple of years esp for economy class. Business class and up still decent.

- Food is still okay for economy but service is only average now.

- Strongest selling point for SIA has always been the “Singapore Girl” image, which plays on neo-colonial mentality and Ang Mohs’ liking of anything “exotic”. Marketing almost all centred around this. Even the attire is skimpily designed to sell this. Quite sexist and embarrassing IMO, not to mention degrading for the women. Which other airlines in the world now still has more skimpy outfit like SIA (and MAS which got the same design)? None. Zero. Not even third world airlines.

- In the past, Singapore Girl image can work, but now most parts of world got gender equality and are more sensitive to women’s rights issues. So more and more educated travelers don’t really buy the Singapore Girl nonsense, especially not female travelers. Singapore Girl concept can still work on Ang Moh men, but they got no money these days to vacation due to economies in the west being so weak. On top of that, women don’t want to be degraded like that, so maybe less women willing to work for SIA? I also notice cabin crew now often Malaysian, not SG.

- But since service only average for economy class and Singapore Girl concept does not have as much pull, SIA shifted focus on First Class & Business Class. But that’s the problem…. Airlines like Emirates and Etihad have same or even better services for those two classes, with better and newer equipments. So SIA ends up not being able to compete with rivals even in premium classes. Ask yourself lor, with the recession which company still dare to send employees on Business Class trips?

- Emirates and Etihad also adding routes like crazy to regions SIA previously strong in. So more competition.

- Then you get whole lot of other airlines offering same or better economy class services at cheaper prices than SIA…. so SIA is being squeezed from top and also bottom.

“…but also sometimes very flirty with Ang Moh men, and I also saw some often bend down in front of Ang Moh men so they can see their chests.”

- more on the Singapore Girl thing…. this is the part the irks me… this is the 21th century for God’s sake. This modern day and age, how can a national carrier go fly around the world and pander its women’s image like that? Quite distasteful in my personal opinion.

- to add insult to injury, I personally notice that SIA flight attendants tend to treat the Ang Moh passengers in the same class better than Singaporeans or other races. Not just treat better but also sometimes very flirty with Ang Moh men, and I also saw some often bend down in front of Ang Moh men so they can see their chests? Not sure if intended or not…. but it’s something I observed. Could be just my personal misconception but I’ve been traveling for so long and always seem to notice this. My colleagues also said the same thing.

- Also people have been saying these days the SIA service really cutting back and passengers being squeezed like that passenger who ended up being billed for $1200 or something for internet? WTF. People also say better bring only minimal luggage because SIA aggressively discouraging hand-carry and also charging passengers lots of money for excess weight even though fuel cost is diving down so fast now.

- And then the whole thing now about SIA shifting to budget airlines is just messy. Even after the whole mess with Tiger Airways, I heard SIA even now planning to work with some India counterpart….. don’t know whether it is joint venture or another subsidiary or what…. but honestly, I think most travelers would run far, far away from any airline having anything to do with India.

- So you see lor, this type of situation, how can SIA make it? Unless new management brought in, no hope liao. Basket case.

Singapore Girl



Anonymous said...

The reference to these young girls favouring the Ang Moh is so true. Sadly, it is also found in other sectors as well. Some examples are nature parks and shopping centres. It is timely that the Singapore Girl image be changed. It had worked well but today, is becoming more and more irrelevant due amongst other things, to the influx of foreign crew.

Ching Tua Kee said...

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Flying for 30 years said...

The writer might wish to "park" herself at the boarding door of the aircraft,for 15 mins and witness for herself as to why SIA crew prefer Angmoh pax compare to Asian esp Singaporean pax.
When the crew greet Angmoh pax,there was a response and a smile from the Angmoh.Sadly,most(60%) Singaporean are not gracious,neither do they greet nor smile back to the crew.