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Monday, December 22, 2014

Weird stories about cabin CC from a reader

Anonymous said....

"Heard quite a bit of stories about weird cc behaviour on board (sia)".
....examples of such stories were....

A Jap stewardess came down to the hotel lobby without her sarong (bottom part of kebaya uniform)for flight.

A steward chased her chief stwd with a 1st class cabin carving knife.

A leading steward heard voices telling him to open the aeroplane door during flight.

A captain stood up and refused to land the aeroplane (he was out of his mind). The co pilot landed the aeroplane safely.

A steward sat on the galley floor and cried, refusing to work during flight.

A senior stewardess slapped her junior girl for not obeying her orders.

Another one pulled the junior stewardess's ears for wearing light makeup.

A stewardess who was affected by the sudden death of her bf almost burned the hotel room when she burned joss paper and prayed to him.

Many more weird stories but i think BT knows more than me and should blog about them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anywhere is the same examples like in the teaching,army,police and the likes.