Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WhatsApp message to me : Gay Chief Steward nasty to Newbie Stewardess

Bapok CS = Gay Chief Steward
FSS = Flight Stewardess
JCL = Business Class
CCE = Cabin Crew Executive


Anonymous said...

How come cabin crew so bad one ?

Anonymous said...

Alamak, the aqua boleh tahan.

Anyways since theres no hope of return he might as well make everyones life a miserable one.

p.s aqua feelings are like the turbulence we face on board.

Anonymous said...

hi bt,

got any gay cabin crew declare his love to you during your flying days?


Boh Tong said...

A few jokingly confessed liking me that's all.

ex ex crew said...

why call them bapok? some of the gays are very manly, cant tell they are gay!

Anonymous said...

Manly??? Do you mean Macho Mary hehe?

Anonymous said...

Is it CS V Seah? Flown with him FRA/NYC flt.A v rude person and impossible to work with.A real bully!
Wondering if the management knows about his extremely poor man mangement.
Hope he will never be promoted otherwise we juniors will surely die!!!!