Donald Trump coming back as President of USA? Watch video here

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Who is going to pay for the Business Class ticket sale losses?

If you find the ads on the bottom part of the video a nuisance you may click on the X on the right corner of the ads. Also if you do not see the subtitles of the video click on 3rd button (gear shape) at the bottom of the video. Then click "option" and follow the instruction. Do not miss out on the subtitles as this is the "meat" of the video.


Unknown said...


you know the sad reality is that it may come true, and if it does may God help us all.

Jacky said...

Uncle Boh Tong, you travel to japan is it? No update from you?

Boh Tong said...

Aiyo Jacky unkle just pontank 1 day and u said I am travelling again. Where got so muc $$ to travel so often like u

Jacky said...

No lah, everyday must read your blog. One day waiting is like one year like theory of relativity. Aiyo I only travel once a year.