Sunday, January 11, 2015

A comment about the CCEs

This was a comment from a cabin crew supposedly an IFS regarding the cabin crew executives:

"Hello.....I have never respect all those good for nothing "up at the throne" CCE since day 1 and mind you, me too have come a long way. Not today, not in the future will I ever change my view on that, I had seen enough for your work ethic to say that. Lick boots, sleep with you pathetic low life hahaha some did it but they are equally low life too. Let's see how far they can go as a ZERO being brought up by another ZERO hahaha BIG ZEROs...."

BT: The CCEs was a professional group of senior cabin crew management staff whose job was to train and ensure the service on board all SQ flights is maintained at the highest level.
However, in 2003 during the SARS crisis the airline decided to make the position redundant. It was done with the excuse that the CCEs were overpaid. 
The CCEs were replaced by the Inflight Supervisors or IFS (later retitled as IA or Inflight Auditor) whose salaries were lower. The IFS or IA  lacked training capabilities as they had zero training experience. 
Nevertheless, the IFS/IA were very happy to see the CCEs go as there will be no one to oversea and check their work performances.
Since the redundancy of the CCEs' position, the service standard has been declining. 


Anonymous said...

It was sad to let go off the cce as they have done a fantastic job propping up the sia service. The I/A who replaces the CCE is a bunch of ignorant asses who jump on the flights to just have a good holiday on their nightstops. They are inexperienced and is not doing justice to the company.

Anonymous said...

Pay peanuts and you will get monkeys doing the job for you SIA!

Anonymous said...

The person who commented adversely about the cce was an example of cc who is inefficient and good-for-nothing. They loathe the cce because out of their own shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

I was a cce and paid only $3.5 after flying as a cc for 25 yrs. How can sia said that the cces are overpaid? It was a personal vendetta between the then cc svp and us and sure he finally got rid of us. He himself has faced KARMA rotting in ADL

CCE said...

Cabin crews are good for talking bad about everyone from pilots to ground staff except themselves!!

Look at all previous comments on is blog and you will agree...

Anonymous said...

Hey CCE what about you all? You gossip more than others! Serves you right for being retrenched by sia haha.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...on cce at $3.5 after 25 years. CCSVP rotting in ADL had gotten too big for his shoes. Word has it that he was in cahoot with some cronies who were wkn guests at Nassim Hill. Was confident that he was in line to become CEO. Even got rid of some talented person from CCM and must have felt that he was on his way up. He was not able to work with the mgt of Jet Airways and Value. Recall how boastful he was over the newspapers? He had been sitting a desk all his life.

Anonymous said...

Karma or not, the effects of policies created by people with authority last a long, long time. And the effects cannot be reversed.

These people include unionists.
Even IFS, CS, LS who conduct appraisals can cause lasting effects on the appraised.

It is also easy to cry: "molest"
and "harassment". The stigma remains.

In any business, ethics, morality is not a KPI.

But please, before you write, think.

Crew division has developed a culture of mistrust, back stabbing and rumour mongering. Perpetuated or ignored by leaders who could make a difference.

yet, they rather turn a blind eye and focus on witch hunt to rid people.
Strange... hire people only to fire them ..

Anonymous said...

Whistle blowing caused the standards to drop.
All senior crew now don't give a shit anymore.

The Insider said...

SVP Sin Ka Kwee could not see eye to eye with the CCEs. He was insulted by the CCEs at a meeting so decided to rid them. Then he conspired with Shortie the union head and both presented the case of the CCEs to top management and got rid of them.Now these two are paying for their sins. SVP is rotting in Ozland and Shortie had a heart attack recently.

Anonymous said...

He got a taste of his own medicine. There are generally three kinds of leaders : GILA GAJI, GILA PEREMPUAN AND GILA CUASA.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like SKW had prostituted himself when he conspired with the union to clear the CCEs. Other ex-CCSVPs did not have to resort to such despicable acts for self gain. Retribution is very real and will take its toll in due course.

Anonymous said...

On KARMA or not....Cabin Crew are all men and women for all seasons. We are all vulnerable to abuse by paxs, mgt, pilots and the public. Yes, it what? Get up and come back again. This is no different from the constant nagging and ranting along with other differences that never seem to end between husbands and wives.

Examples must always start from the top. Just look at President Jokowi of Indonesia. Following the QZ8501 disaster, Airasia flights and those of other carriers have been suspended. Insurers have been directed by the President to pay full compensation to aggrieved families....more to come.

Tony Fernandes has been labelled as "where is the Kelang Kia hiding?" by Yahoo bloggers. Glad to read the comments about Sin Ka Kwee........

Anonymous said...

Honest to Goodness SOME of the ex-cce's are real dead woods ! just ask john ?

Anonymous said...

CCEs are a bunch of old goofys, good for nothings who think too highly of themselves. Just a rank of 'Executives' and they are in cloud 9 thinking they are management staff.
They claim to have wealth of experience etc. This type of so call experience cant really get them any job outside lor.
Good riddance indeed!

Anonymous said...

...on cce at $3.5 after 25 years. CCSVP rotting in ADL had gotten too big for his shoes. Word has it that he was in cahoot with some cronies who were wkn guests at Nassim Hill. Was confident that he was in line ....

He would labelled those who got laid off as "NON PERFORMERS". He is one person who cannot accept constructive criticism.
Easiest way to solve the problem is to take drastic action.
He should be voted the WORST SVP in CC. history.
After leaving the co tried to work for other airlines however the end results speak for itself.

Bottom line is stop labelling others before "LOOKING YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR".

Whatever you may call it what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor weren't the cce also cc once upon a time.? Won't the seniors once upon a time the juniors??. Weren't the old and self proclaimed wiser and better once the young and brash too?????? How many more years do we have? Why so much bitterness why so old liao still quarrel and all the hate exchange? Live and let live lah. Should be enjoying our golden years already and have faith in the young ones.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

the bitterness remains becos the office still practice favouritism... and they promote people based on bias.

They know it but they pretend and try to justify what they practice.

There is lack of recognition for quality work done.

AoTC speaks.... said...

"Admin Officers-(Training-Check)"aka AoTC
was the old name for the rank that is called "Cabin crew excutives" aka CCE

The rank of AoTC was created because the company required people to train, appraise operating crew.

However, where and how to find suitable people to fill that rank? It was obvious to look within the division itself, and of course the crew that was already flying and have some exposure to the actual work on board.

The airline was expanding super fast and needed more and more crew to operate the flights. That meant that whoever was already flying was promoted super fast too!

AoTC were ordinary crew promoted quickly to fill that need. With just 1 year of flying, some crew were promoted to Chief and within 3 months promoted to AoTC or even managers!

There was no rank above "chief". The aircrafts were single aisle and staffed with 3 flight stewardesses and 2 or 3 stewards.

Do you think the AoTC were very good in what they did as ordinary crew?

Do you think AoTC were properly trained in human resource development?

Do you think AoTC became very self aware that they were "special"??

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

peter chong, ky leong, edward ang, philip de cotta and sister think they are very special!

Anonymous said...

Single aisle AC were all headed by Chief personnel. The CIC on the B747, double aisle were all Senior Chief Stewards, and subsequently redesignated to IFS. Only a handful of CCEs were very good.