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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An ungrateful colleague

The new cabin crew svp had just arrived a few days before. I made an appointment to see him. It wasn't for myself I was meeting the new svp but for a colleague.

My immediate superior was an assistant manager (E) whom I had worked for a number of years. We could work together but unfortunately he was about to retire. The company needed a replacement. I was not in line for the job as the management people did not like me. They wanted someone from our rank but I was not in favour of the few whom the managers had nominated. This was when I came into the picture.
My colleague (A) pleaded with me to help him get the promotion to the assistant manager position. I promised him I would speak to the new svp.

At my meeting with the svp, I pointed out why he should promote A. I told him I would like to work under A and not the other 3 or 4 whom the managers had nominated (they were all many years junior in service to me). At the end of our meeting, the svp told me he would consider my request.

After the meeting, A came up to me and asked what were his chances of becoming an AM. I told him he would be my next immediate boss ( we cces report to our respective ams). True to my word, A was promoted a few weeks later. A was jubilant and the promotion inflated his already big ego.

A and I worked fairly well at first. As a colleague he was fine but as a boss he was picky and critical of our performances. He tried to impress his boss, an ass**** manager who was transferred from the HR division to cabin crew  a few years ago. This manager hated my guts. He liked the "Yes" men type of subordinates but hated those who differed with his views.

Our flight rosters were done by a clerk manually. Suka suka, this roster officer could roster us to any destinations she liked. If she did not like you then you would end up doing all the bad flights that paid low monetary allowances. Sure, she had a hundred reasons why you would have to do such and such flights while her favoured cces would be happily doing the long haul flights that yield better money than the turnaround flights. Feeling that there was unfairness in the rostering system, I complained to A. Initially he entertained my complaints but after a while he was furious with me. He complained to the manager about me. The manager seized the opportunity to screw me up.

I left the company in 2003 and A was relieved to see me go. He was still being employed till last year when he had a heart attack. I heard he is now in depression. May God help this poor ungrateful soul!


Anonymous said...

In life,there's Karma.. Not many people in CC realize this.They continue to make life difficult for people all around them, doing harm and enjoying as they watch their victim suffer.One day, they will reap what they have sow..No one will pity nor sympathize with them and God will punish them even harder...

Anonymous said...

How many times must I repeat that there is no such thing as Karma. If there is, why hasn't Karma find the 8?

Boh Tong said...

Who are the 8 and what have they done to you? Email me your story la cos I won't publish all the details. I will protect your identity by editing the letter..k?

Anonymous said...

When a kek-leng is given authority, the rest of the people better buy insurance from snake bites... and be ready to use bamboo poles to beat it to death.

Heart attack?... hmmm, what happened to ego eh?

The things people do just for ego.

There is one person who was recently promoted too ( last year?) and he probably should thank the devil for it. He got in as CCE years ago on a special ticket and helped by inner circle people to breeze through graduate tests and interviews.

Full of shit in CC.

Anonymous said...

Talking about kek leng don't mean to be racist but they are probably the worst of all. Make so much noise in the plane and call the cc come forward like calling dog with the hooked 2nd finger. No basic manners and etiquette.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the 3 or 4 juniors might hv made better managers. Young doesnt mean no good.

BT's Fren said...

The 3 or 4 were also idiots and balls carriers. They are now AMs and that is why SIA service is declining. Ask BT if I am wrong?

Anonymous said...

Can someone enlighten me what is the real reason SIA service is declining or is it really declining???? I only know it has a terribly incompetent website and unhelpful office staff because of personal experiences, Honestly speaking, the crew is working very hard. I know it because i know of ppl in this industry. Even the young crew has some good ones, everytime I travel by SQ, I feel the service is good...well except for the entertainment system which sucks, that's about the only grouse.

Anonymous said...

Crew work hard not because management is
great or inspiring.

Crew work hard because they want to keep management at bay

Crew work hard because the process, procedures are lousy and they have to make endless ad hoc adjustments along the way.

Crew make endless adjustment so that the nett result is a service that customers enjoyed, so that there is nil complaints.

Crew just want to fly, shop, save some money and stay out of trouble.

Not because the company is tok kong.
Not because the managers are fantastic
Not because the CCE are lovable
Not because the SIA is a great company

Anonymous said...

Aiyah the so-called clerk is no more clerk. how nt to get promoted. she doesnt lunch with graded staff ok?

Anonymous said...

Just curios to know who is this depressed A? Any clues?