Friday, January 16, 2015

An uniformed blockhead left this comment about the CCEs.The text in red is my reply

AoTC speaks.... said...

"Admin Officers-(Training-Check)"aka AoTC
was the old name for the rank that is called "Cabin crew excutives" aka CCE

The rank of AoTC was created because the company required people to train, appraise operating crew (it was created because Devan Nair the former GS of NTUC asked SIA to do so).

However, where and how to find suitable people to fill that rank? It was obvious to look within the division itself, and of course the crew that was already flying and have some exposure to the actual work on board.

The airline was expanding super fast and needed more and more crew to operate the flights. That meant that whoever was already flying was promoted super fast too!

AoTC were ordinary crew promoted quickly to fill that need. With just 1 year of flying , some crew were promoted to Chief (it took me 5 years of flying to be a chief and it was about the fastest) and within 3 months  promoted to AoTC  or even managers (you are talking rubbish,name which one was promoted to AOTC within 3 months or managers)!

There was no rank above "chief" (wrong again, there were Check Stewards/ss). The aircrafts were single aisle and staffed with 3 flight stewardesses and 2 or 3 stewards.

Do you think the AoTC were very good in what they did as ordinary crew (otherwise how did they become AOTC)?

Do you think AoTC were properly trained in human resource development? (I as an AOTC have attended countless courses)

Do you think AoTC became very self aware that they were "special"?? (special in a sense they were not graded staff like the CCs but management staff)

What do you think? (I think you are a nincompoop)


Anonymous said...

Why u gotta be so rudeeeeeee dont u knoe Im human tooooo LOL

Anonymous said...

If don't know don't anyhow talk!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who chooses to post all sorts of comments or criticism must be prepared to take the rebuttal. BT has done the right thing by debunking those undesirable elements who come here and make a fool of themselves. If you have nothing good to post, just shut up and get out at once!

Boh Tong said...

To 3rd Anonymous thank u for ur sapport :-) Ya lor these morons shld not come here and give the wrong info to the public. This is not a play play blog la...hehehe

Mahesh said...

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