Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bitter with his former employer

Todd was an ex IFS. He retired about 10 years ago. I met him the other day at a food court. Todd looked much older than his age. He wore a ponytail but his hair was thin and messy.

We sat down at the Toast Box cafe and had a coffee. " Are you happy now that you have retired from SIA?", Todd asked me. I told him that I was happy leaving SIA although it has treated me well all those years. He asked me why was I happy leaving the airline and I replied that I am now running a business of my own and I am my own boss.

What about him? Todd told me he was indeed very happy to have severed his ties with his former employer (SIA). Severed ties? What about the free ticket that SIA gave him every year? He said he made used of them yearly since he left SIA. I replied that he should be grateful to SIA for the free tickets but he insisted he had contributed his fair share of work to be entitled to his free tickets.

Todd then started to complain bitterly about SIA. He told me he hated the bosses in the office. He was implicated in a case whereby he was accused of stealing liquor from the aircraft and selling them overseas several years ago. I told him I remember the case. To cut the long story short, he told me that  SIA could not find enough evidence to nail him and he was exonerated.

The meeting between me and Todd was a negative one.  It spoilt my day, to be honest. When we parted company,we did not exchange phone numbers.

You see, Singapore is a small place and the chances of bumping into your friends or ex-colleagues and crew can be quite frequent especially if you are like me who moves around quite a lot.
There will be occasion when you do not mind meeting those who are nice and who could make your day but there will also be those whom you would not want to meet in a million years.

That said, there are some who will deliberately avoid you even though they had in the past worked well with you. I don't know the reason/s why they would want to avoid you. Perhaps they have their reason/s for not wanting to re-establish old ties. Anyway, there is no love lost as far as I am concerned.


Pinoy said...

Many exIFS & cc are ungrateful to SQ. Typical Sinkies & better to get foreign talent to work as cc. Ever thought of it SIA?

Anonymous said...

"...get foreign talent to work as cc. Ever thought..."

So what make you think "FT" are grateful?

If you think "FT" are grateful read this.......


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I know one bapok ifs MT who bad mouthed sia all the time. Bad employee who should be kicked in his arse