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Monday, January 12, 2015

Chief stewardess versus stewardess

"Before do headset presetting fss tell chief but got a rude reply. if fss is askin or tellin her  then fss went to toilet n css waited outside toilet. Css  behvaviour is not condusive to work in and as such unapproable behaviour how can crew rely on in terms of safety or emergency"

Can someone please tell me what the above is all about? I got the WhatApps message and I think it was about a chief stewardess being reported by a stewardess for misbehaviour.


Anonymous said...

dumb ass fss. just because kena told off liao wanna drag in safety and security issues to make things big. typical of sinkies behaviour whereby they like to quote some govt statements or policies to further their cases.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure what this FSS is trying to say. Her command of English sounds miserable and anyone reading it will need to call her up for clarification. Wish SethC the best of luck. I understand that he is facing lots of problems handling these youngsters.

Anonymous said...

why should sexy be facing problems?
he is in his element with a pit full of vipers.
he enjoys the squirming and tall tales thats why no one is suitable to take over.

Anonymous said...

It takes a bigger snake to kill the smaller ones haha