Friday, January 23, 2015

Mommy's gals not fit to be stewardesses

Recruiting "mommy's gals" as stewardesses is great disadvantage to the airlines. These gals can't even fend for themselves let alone looked after the safety and comfort of the passengers.
They do not even make their own beds or  breakfasts when they wake up in the morning let alone clean toilets. They have maids to do it for them. Some even make their maids or moms packed their luggage for them whenever they go overseas.
One stewardess was caught by the Australian Quarantine officer for failing to declare an apple which was in her luggage when she entered Australia. Her excuse was her mother packed and put the apple in her bag because she was worried that she (stewardess) would be hungry when she check into the hotel after her flight.
Another stewardess called her father from overseas to ask whether it was ok to join the IFS's invitation for a drink.
Some parents even encouraged their daughters to break the bonds (parents paid the bonds) because their little daughters looked "gaunt" and "skinny" losing weight when started flying.
Some are being chauffeured to work and back.

Many wannabes attended the cc interviews with parents,boyfriends and friends accompanying them.
In a statement SIA has advised them:  "Due to space constraints, there will be no waiting area for those who are not attending the interviews. Candidates are advised to refrain from bringing companions to the interview venue".
Some wannabes attended my workshop/talks with parents or boyfriends keeping watch a distance away.

These girls are pampered and spoilt and would, in my opinion, make poor service crew.
That's probably the reason why these mommy's gals would not hesitate to report their seniors for things like raising their voices, being told off etc regarding their work performances.

Just a suggestion: when recruiting stewardesses do not recruit these "mommy's gals".

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