Sunday, January 4, 2015

Remembering Harry with fondness

Harry was a former colleague of mine. He was one who did not play politics in the office. Harry did not have the time to be involved in politics like most of my ex-colleagues. He was a businessman besides being a cabin crew. In short, he owned a restaurant.

In one of the rarest moments my svp who did not think much of me decided that I was to be included in the newly formed open appraisal task force. The members were from the management consisting mainly graduate admin offices. I was a non-graduate admin office.
Our task was to design the program with the assistance of the then Singapore Productivity Board. We would then proceed to "sell" the open appraisal idea to all the supervisors and middle management staff throughout the whole company.
It was an uphill task trying to convince the appraising officers that the open system had more benefits than the closed one.

Another colleague (M) who was envious of me because I was chosen instead of him to be a member of the task force gave me a hard time during one of the courses I conducted. He became personal and attacked me and the appraisal system in the presence of other management staff. No one came to help me except Harry. He stood up and told M off. He reiterated that we should give the open system a chance and hinted to M that he should not be personal in his attack.
Sure, I was relieved to have such a gallant colleague like Harry defending me.

Harry passed away in a motorcar accident many years ago. He left behind his lovely wife and a charming daughter......RIP dear Harry.


Sarah Leong said...

It is rare that someone will stand up to defend another person. RIP, Harry. It's true that oftentimes the good are taken away too early?

Anonymous said...

The good die young��