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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Renowned Singapore criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan passes away

                   Subhas Anandan at the steps outside of the State Courts. (Yahoo file photo)

Renowned criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan passed away Wednesday morning at age 67 at Singapore General Hospital.
Subhas's younger brother Suresh was a chief steward with Singapore Airlines. He died in the SQ 006 crash in 2000 at Taipei Airport.
Subhas defended Constance Chee, a former chief stewardess, who was sentenced to 13 years jail for kidnapping and causing the death of her lover's little daughter.

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Anonymous said...

Subhas did a great job in defending Constance Chee. I could not believe my eyes when she stood to swear on the bible before giving her testimony. She sobbed uncontrollably and her voice broke many times while reciting the oath. Her appearance was absolutely shocking. Bound hand and foot and dressed in the prison's saffron robe, she looked like a walking skeleton. She complained that life in prison was very hard!

For a while, I thought that I had entered the wrong court room. Subhas did an honourable job in saving Constance's life.

Anonymous said...

R I P Subhas.

Anonymous said...

From ashes you are made to ashes you return RIP my buddy.