Thursday, January 29, 2015

SIA share price up again

SIA closed today at SGD 12:80 up 24 cents. You don't have to be an expert or analyst to predict that it will go up to this price. Many laughed and poked fun at me when I blogged about SIA going passed the S$12 mark when it was hovering around $10. By now you buggers should realised why some called me "Sian Steady si Boh Tong" hahaha.....Read more


Anonymous said...

This is an example of wisdom. Cashing out is a good way of raising cash. This is particularly true for oldsters who are in need of money for their daily expenditure. We have a good number of senior citizens who bought landed homes some as far back as fifty years ago, and at a very attractive price with huge land and spacious interior. Their values have gone through the roof. Some have sold them at a handsome profit while others are still hanging on.

Aset rich but cash poor.....the clock is ticking........

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous 1...ur comment is very positive not like some who would condemn me just because I am rejoicing when the sia share price is up. Read this one >>

Anonymous said...

BT, I am stating the facts as best as I can. Facts do not lie. Many have lost money because of ill advice given by their brokers or analysts.

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
BT, I am stating the facts as best as I can................

BT: think for a moment if those so called analysts are so good then why should they tell others when they can quietly pick the shares themselves and sell them high at the right time ?

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Not many are able to make money from shares and still continue to live in their landed homes. That is the essence of life. JYM once said that SIA share is a family heir loom. There must be some of us who have set aside some lots for old age. Dividends are so good and when the time is right, sell them and go on a cruise.

Shares and insurance policies are suitable alternatives for CPF. Over the long term, the cash out values are good, especially for people in their golden years.

CM said...

The most important thing about retirement is:


Since there is no employment, that means no income.

Cash flow does not mean:

1. Using savings
2. Playing the stock market
3. Flipping properties
4. Gambling 4D, TOTO & casinos
5. Using CPF

Cash flow means:

1. Rental income
2. Dividend income
3. Interest income

Anything else from part time jobs, consultancies, is bonus.

Preserving assets is key.
Retirement may be for more than 30 years ( depending when retirement began )That is the same amount of years spent in previous employment ( but not now days...)

How is your bile?