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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The real 21st century cabin crew ?

A senior cabin crew lamenting the new crew are ..........

BT, times has changed. The new crew are better educated and pampered. In the past, all the senior gals will volunteer to operate as B2 (galley) when asked. Now, everyone will try to "siam" regardless of seniority. Some new crew will even try to aviod checking the toilets which is part of their duties. They don't even wash their own clothes, let alone clean their own washroom at home.Do you think they will do a good job onboard? Some behave as if their maids were onboard as they leave their stuff for others to clean up.
If you try to correct them at work, they will complain to office or send mass apps to condemn you. Some will resort to accuse you of victimizing them (refer to CSS case below). Sad to say, the sword has changed it's direction at the senior crew. CC seems to entertain such complaints against senior crew members when even they are discharging their duties.
Nowadays, try walking along the way to CC control. You dont see crew greeting one another especially the junior ones. Once out of STC after graduation, they pretend that their fellow colleagues are transparent and only start to "drama" once they are in the briefing room. Thereafter out station, it's the same attitude again.Some play hide and seek with you outstation, trying to avoid you at all means even when they see you at the lobby. Some just pretend to walk past you or pretend not to recognize you.
I guess the culture in CC is eroding. You would be darn lucky if you get a few good ones onboard...


Anonymous said...

They need a "Pineapple Huat" CCE again lol

Anonymous said...

Can't see how the cabin service can be no. 1 again.

Anonymous said...

One solution is to employ hungry young girls and boys from a Cambodia, Vietnam and the likes who can do a better job.

Anonymous said...

just do it ^

maybe most of the commenters/readers here are Lkks. If this is a young grp it would be the young complain the lkks.. No end

Anonymous said...

Last time when you were all young ur snrs also tekan u all now u all snr liao tekan ur junior? Why let history repeat itself? Somethings are better left behind for good.

Ps/: not referring to all snrs tho. Just those who complain too much n those bullies . Jus an observer .

Anonymous said...

You can't compare our times and the present times. And it is NOBODODYs fault that our post 1990 generation is born with a silver spoon. Dont u feel proud that our kids hv a better life than us?

We just have to accept the changes in our world. To compare how we were brought up or trained and how the new crew are brought up or trained is just ....meaningless. Just like we can't compare our times with our parents and grandparents' times?

Instead of being unhappy with them, or with one another, why not just see that everybody has their own strengths and shortcomings.

This is just a job. Our jobs. Why not just let everyone earn a decent living and make it a pleasant journey for everyone.

Anonymous said...

It's a vicious cycle. The past manner of 'leadership' does not work in this generation now. These years, lead by example from a senior crew will garner respect from the junior ones, instead of screaming and shouting for respect. It is time to accept how leadership has changed and how juniors will respond to the way seniors FIRST manage themselves.

BUT that said, yes, i too agree that these days, younger ones have no common sense of the surroundings, that is where the senior crew can really educate (not abusively or sarcasm) the younger ones.

That is how a healthy work environment should be.

Anonymous said...

It's a vicious cycle. The past manner of 'leadership' does not work in this generation now. These years, lead by example from a senior crew will garner respect from the junior ones, instead .....

It has to start from the top management.
It is not about the 21 st century cabin crew or Generation Y.

It is the EGO in us!
It is the choice of words and sentences used.
A good eg. is the CSS and the FSS incident.
FSS should ask whether "May I.....
CSS on the other hand asked scarcasticly towards FSS.
FSS further aggreviated the situation......
That is why the situation blew out of proportion.

Always remember 2 wrongs don't make a right.

Now learning point is How to be a more Gracious Person.

Always remember it is the EGO that lead to the downfall.

So the title of the thread shoul;d read as
The real 21st Century SIA.

Anonymous said...

Give up the mentality that seniors are experienced and have to be respected.

Give up the responsibility to guide the juniors. That is the job of Sexy and his gang, not the seniors.
If juniors do not know how to go about solving problems, its their problem, not yours and you should not make it yours.

If the juniors can get by, and get away with whatever they do, its their good fortune. Dont be upset.

Not happy, leave and the juniors will be seniors soon enough.

The airline is NOT A CAREER. its transitional and you should be preparing for your own exit and future. Not spending your precious time:
- guiding the juniors
- helping company

Get that into your thick F skulls.

Anonymous said...

Dont be jealous of the young and beautiful also