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Monday, January 5, 2015

This website reveals more about AirAsia....


We are the Causeway Co-Op. At our core, we are a group primarily made up of Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai and Australian students and university graduates practicing advertising, marketing, law, finance, HR and many other streams. We also have a significant subscriber base, many of whom contribute to our cause.
This site is an unofficial Air Asia news portal - effectively the NOT AirAsia Website. It is not approved by the company. We do not purport to be unbiased; we feel that the airline's practices are frequently unconscionable and that they do not act as responsible corporate citizens. We disseminate information and report the facts truthfully, most often using parody to illustrate our point. Effectively, this is a receptacle of current news and past deeds that we have made as sticky as possible.

AirAsia would most likely prefer to see our material left as breadcrumbs scattered widely. This will not happen. We take into account the financial status of the airline's passengers and those groups that we deem to be disadvantaged by the way Air Asia conducts its affairs, from AirAsia online booking scams to he way AirAsia treat the disabled. We feel that it is our ethical and professional responsibility to act as an independent watchdog. We do not feel that legislation in place in Malaysia is nearly adequate. In fact, it is shameful.
We acknowledge, however, that under current definitions the Air Asia company is operating on the periphery but within the bounds of the law. If this company was to have its HQ in other countries, we believe that it would face far stricter scrutiny. Accordingly, the question of legality is moot. Whether the AirAsia practices are ethical is a matter of opinion. We exercise our democratic right to express our opinion collectively and also to engage Air Asia. The company was originally asked for comment, however, it waived that right. Notwithstanding their silence, we invite them to refute any arguments that we raise or comment at any time. If Air Asia feels that any point of fact is wholly or partly inaccurate, we will be pleased to examine their claim/s and amend our articles, or retract them immediately if necessary.
We do not instruct our audience not to fly with this airline. BOYCOTT MALAYSIA! That's right, we encourage you to take your tourism dollar anywhere but Malaysia. Let Malaysia know and Air Asia will soon get the message! Alternative airlines are listed here - and it is left to each individual's decision as to where they choose to take their business. We do not receive any form of sponsorship from these. Go to the real company website for your AirAsia online booking if you want someone to relive you of your hard earned money. The Causeway Co-Op
'Fly Air Asia? Not Me.'

Source:  " Fly AirAsia? Not Me"


Colin said...

Flown Airsia lots of times and probably more than any other airliines. Airasia's practices are well known and in my opinion better than other low cost carriers. Fly full service airlines if you want to but I have no problems flying Airsia. In fact they are pretty responsive if issues crop up and I have had my fair share. Even emailed the CEO himself who to my surprise responded personally. They are better value than most full service airlines

Gina said...

Cheap and good but dangerous too lol

Anonymous said...

The AirAsia plane that went missing in the Java Sea was not authorized to fly the route on the schedule it took, according to Indonesia's transport ministry.

Flight QZ8501 went missing with 162 people on board whilst flying from Indonesia's second largest city Surabaya to the city-state of Singapore last

"It violated the route permit given, the schedule given, that's the problem," Djoko Murdjatmodjo, the country's acting director of air transport told the AFP news agency today.

The plane's schedule had not been cleared with officials, he added.

It is not clear how the plane came to fly the route without authorization.

AirAsia's permit to fly the route has been frozen and its licence to fly in Indonesia could be revoked as a result of the revelation.

A transport ministry spokesperson said AirAsia was not permitted to fly the route on Sundays. A spokesperson for AirAsia said the company would cooperate with the authorities' investigation.

A price to pay for flying "cheap & good"