Thursday, January 8, 2015

Who is having the last laugh, me or the experts?

SIA share price has reached the $12 mark this morning. Analysts in the past had predicted it will go down to between $8 and $9. What stupidity!  Amid the gloom and doom about SIA share price, I was more optimistic and mind you I am not an analyst or expert. I am a simple bugger who has lots of faith in my ex company. Steady lah my CEO Ah Phong you re doing a great job...My prediction of $12 has now become a reality this morning. Go read what I said here

Update: SIA shares closed up 6 cents at $12.02 cts.


Specialist said...

Bohtong you are a genius and a great loss to SQ. Maybe you are a late bloomer?
My coy needs people like you. Want a job with us?

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

congrats ah Mr BT!
got kopi $ liao...maybe hold longer can upgrade to starbucks kopi liao.

best regards
6 years flying senior

Boh Tong said...

To "Specialist" thanks for the job offer. I dun want to a slave again to another company. But thanks for the comp.

To: "6 years..." Can treat you to Starbucks not only for kopi but makan also.

Anonymous said...

Well Done SIA! I've kept some for old age and like BT, is overjoyed to see the share price climbing again. Keep soaring high GOLDEN BIRDIE!

Anonymous said...

The fall in the price of oil has become good news for airlines and shipping business. Air travel continues to grow at a steady pace. In fact, IATA has forecast that airlines this year stand to reap huge profits to the tune of USD16.6billlion. If SQ is able to achieve a profit of $500m in the second half of this year, we might be witnessing a return to its days of glory, better than ever before.

Anonymous said...

SIA's foray into the Indian market was initiated some twenty years ago. The Indian Govt had delayed its plans all this while for reasons that are not really difficult to grasp. India is one country that is fraught with red tapes, endless procedures and hurdles on top of its dysfunctional bureaucracy.

(PM) Modi, newly-elected leader has pledged to reorganise this bureaucracy, streamline the operations of Govt and to make India a more attractive destination to visitors and more.
The inauguration of Vistara is yet another milestone in SIA's penetration into a foreign market. India, the world's second most populous nation, as well as the largest English speaking democracy has vast potential.

Anonymous said...

Sian steady is BT Lah hehe! Dont listen to analysts for they influence you to sell and quietly they were buying them at $9 & $10.