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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A reader has this to say about the last post (below)

Management said...

What is the point of being a management staff when one can't even write about a lapse in service or something the crew did wrong?

Come on cabin crew don't be too sensitive. A wrong is a wrong whichever way you want to see it.


Anonymous said...

Managers do not write complaints or lament about 'lapses'...

They deal with it.
They brainstorm solutions
They understand process

But for CC management, all they know is
sack, sack, sack
punish, punish, punish
write, write, write

zero neurons

Anonymous said...

It certainly appears that these square hats are being armed with a blazing gun. CHIN CHIA TUA TOW, AI KENG! Try looking for a job that provides you with FOC travel and other perks...Recall a flight when a female staff in PCL came up and opproached the CS to say that she had not observed that he had not been occupying a seat to do his documentation. The CS in reply, told her that he probably wrote his VR either in the UD cove or squatting down.

Good question..she looked concerned and genuine. Those who are responsible for issuing Mgt directives ought to be rosterd to come on flight, stand for long hours, eat standing up, answer call bells, clan toilets and to see how it is like. Better still, remove the chairs from their desks.....

Anonymous said...

Obviously the so call manager doesnt know the company statement. Excel in delighting pax not mgtment staff. Think sld sent her for basic training also. With this kind of mgtment staff ard, no wonder cc morale so low.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore square hats are being labelled as buffoons, idiots and robots who are only good at attainig good grades. Remember there was one manager, not an ex-crew, who did not understand the term " wear and tear ." Obviously, someone had wanted to indent a new set of uniforms that had worn out that required a change.