Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bosses should lend a helping hand instead of complaining against the cabin crew

From a cabin crew:

An IFS related this account on his flt.
He was operating on a HKG turn on a 773W flt and there was a female manager of one of our departments on the flt, traveling on staff ticket in eycl.
As the flt was full, the IFS was busy in the front of the cabin and didn't have the time to say "hello" to her from Sin to Hkg.
When the flt landed in Singapore, the IFS received a stinging email to explain why he was not meticulous in supervising the grooming standards of the crew.
As usual,the same litany of complains viz one of the Lss on his flt looked too fat, the stewardesses looked frazzled with messily bunned hair and chipped nails etc.
These "mandarins" when they travel on board they have this heightened sense of self-importance and entitlement that should the crew not introduce themselves or make themselves known to them, they will get an exaggerated "narrative"from them.
They forget that there are other more important fare - paying pax on board that we have to take care of.
I hope the CEO will get wind of these managers and put them in their place for they are stressing our already stressed out colleagues.
"To err is only human and to forgive divine"


Anonymous said...

There were many instances like the above one. There was a senior cc manager who reported our crew for all sort of lapses when he was on a holiday. Instead of helping the crew (full load of paxs) he wrote a stinker to the company. It is a big shame to employ and promote these grads to managerial ranks when they do not have empathy. Someone got to do something about these managers.

Anonymous said...

why write complaints?

Just instruct the crew to report to sexy and explain. What are they paid to do?

The IFS is just another crew with roles & responsibilities other than checking the crew.

Anyway, after checking, what is there to do but to report, report, report.
Whole life report.

There are more important things to do while flying from A to B. Grooming is for the managers to check. Not the IFS. The IFS has no authority... what?
offload the crew for not complying?

Please lah... not a another nut case yah!

IFS have no authority.. just another arm & leg on a flight. Junior cre no hew.

Anonymous said...

This manageress should justeat her meal,wash her mouth,shut up. No need for IFS to say hello to her.

Anonymous said...

Commercial paxs always come first. Staff travellers do not have the right to demand attention. Just look at how the daughter of CEO Korean Air abused the cabin crew. She was sentenced to a one year jail term.

To err is human, to forgive is divine : TO FORGIVE IS HUMAN, NOT TO FORGIVE IS EVEN MORE HUMAN.

Anonymous said...

All my 38 yrs of flying,the only staff who was bothered to compliment the crew by writing is our charming Capt Maurice De Vas.

Not so charming MDV said...

Maurice De Vas had also complained in writing about cabin crew too.

Management said...

What is the point of being a management staff when one can't even write about a lapse in service or something the crew did wrong?

Come on cabin crew don't be too sensitive. A wrong is a wrong whichever way you want to see it.

Anonymous said...

nw tat manager also "got the boot"...karma. but he goes round telling everyone he was head-hunted!

Anonymous said...

Cabin sensiive? Read the text again. Mgt staff can write all they want to and complain. To rant about the IFS for not coming down to say hello is going overboard. If you have nothing else to post, just keep reserve your right to remain silent. A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool open his mouth because he must always say something.

PCL paxs pay top premium fares, and the crew must always be there for them.

Anonymous said...

ah, sounds like the "popular" manager whose photo has been circulating around Whatsapp. He is a common sight at the airport now.

Boh Tong said...

"popular" manager whose photo has been circulating around Whatsapp....

where got? I dun have leh :-)

Anonymous said...

got lah :-) circulated amongst cabin crew last year..hehe.. have you seen him? very handsome man..ehem! A great "loss" to CCD..

Anonymous said...

Perhaps,Capt.De Vas did complained about cabin crew due to bad service? At least he did compliment the deserving crew,too.For working their arse off.